10 Things to Do in April with Your Family Guide to APril 2023

10 Things to do in April with your Family

The weather in April in Lake Country and Waukesha County, WI is tricky.  There is no way to know what the weather may be, so many events come with the disclosure, “rain, snow, sleet, or shine”.  And Wisconsinites are tough – we get out and enjoy the month no matter the weather.   April 10th in 2010 was 64 degrees, in 2016 April 10th was 46 degrees and April 10th, 2017 was 73 degrees. So your guess will be as good as mine about this year. Regardless, we have ten ideas and things to do in April with your family below!

April brings Easter (most years), Earth Day, Taxes, Arbor Day and time off of school for Easter and/or spring break.  April starts off with a joke (April Fool’s Day).  April boasts National Siblings Day, National Pet Day, National Pretzel Day and more! It is National Autism Awareness month.

Birthday 10 LCFF

April is also Lake Country Family Fun’s Birthday month!!!! This year, in 2023, we are 12!!!! Yes, Lake Country has been around since 2011. Help us celebrate by inviting others to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Leave us your fan feedback too – that is truly the best gift! Find more about Lake Country Family Fun here on our About Us Page.

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10 Activities and Things to Do in April with Your Family

1. Ramp up your spring cleaning

If you like to clean and organize, this month is for you!  It is a great month to switch out from winter to summer gear, clean out the garage from snowblowing and shoveling equipment to garden hoses and water toys.  Here are some other organization articles Lake Country Family Fun has published:

Getting Ready for Spring: So Fresh and So Clean Lake Country Family Fun Spring Cleaning

2. Enjoy A Yummy Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch is a staple for many families around here. Some people have their favorite places and others are looking to try something new every year. In spring 2020, carry out Easter brunches were very popular and many still offer carry out options this year.  Maybe you’ve never brunched on Easter, but are interested.  Check out over 15 options in the Easter Brunch Guide for ideas on where to brunch. The guide includes prices, details and times.  You can also find ideas for brunch out in Lake Country for any other weekend in April.

Lake Country Area Brunch Guide

2023 Brunch Guide: Click here

3. Get involved with Celebrating Earth day

Earth day is Saturday, April 22nd, 2023.  Our beautiful earth should be celebrated day in and out, but April is a month to give a deep look into ways we can change our habits to better the earth!  We have an Earth Day Guide that talks about 8 ways to celebrate Earth Day.  You can check out the guide by clicking the link below, but here is one way: Shop!  Shop?  How does that support the earth, you may ask?  When you buy used textiles, you are loving on the earth. Did you know that $127 million of clothing winds up in landfills each year after being worn only once?  Preloved is reloved. During your birthday month at St. Vincent De Paul, you get 25% off your order as well! 

2023 Earth Day Celebration Guide: Click here

4. Hurry Up to Hit up an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is April 9th in 2023.  That means there are two weekends to enjoy Easter fun and egg hunts and more! Check out all the Easter events in our Easter Egg Hunt Guide sponsored by the Smiley Barn Toy and Candy Store in Delafield. Stop by Smiley Barn Toy and Candy Store to pet real Bunnies:

  • March 31, 2023 – April 8, 2023–10:30am to 5pm daily
  • (ending at 2pm on Saturday, April 8th)

Bunny Petting at The Smiley Barn Delafield

The Smiley Barn needs your help naming their bunnies! Please watch The Smiley Barn Facebook page for the upcoming bunny naming contest! While you’re there, don’t forget to follow The Smiley Barn so you can stay up-to-date on all the family-friendly events throughout the year.

Easter Egg Hunt Guide and Listing: Click here

5. Get Active

With warmer weather, it’s starting to become more comfortable taking fitness outdoors.   One idea to sign the kids up for the Healthy Kids Running Series which is happening right here in Waukesha County. It is a is a five (5) week running program in the spring and fall for kids from Pre-K through 8th grade and it starts up April 16th! Find more details about joining the series here.

healthy kids running spring 2021

Healthy Running Series: Click here 
Guide to Biking
: Click here
Spring Hikes: Click here
Area Fitness Gym Guide: 
Click here

6. Get your Waukesha County Parks Pass and Start enjoying our amazing Parks

Our Waukesha County Parks offer so many ways to have family fun this spring. Get your annual pass and start using it now for the rest of the year! If you like to hike, but don’t like the spring mud, Waukesha County Parks trail system offers over 35 miles of paved recreational trails!

Waukesha County Parks Guide: Click here
Review of the Waukesha County Parks: Click here

Waukesha County Parks Tour: Fox Brook Park

7. Get going on your Garden Plans & Get excited for the Fleet farm Garden Center to open

One of the biggest hobbies families have picked up in the last year more than ever is GARDENING!  Many families have been sprouting seeds with their kids as an indoor learning activity.  Other families have been starting on yard work early.  Others have wanted to be more self sustainable and are planning gardens to grow their own food! Get your green thumb going this April and make it a family fun activity. (And if you’re not into gardening, take part in a local CSA. Hurry up – many fill up fast!)

Gardening Guide
: Click here
Local CSA Guide: Click here

Gardening Guide Erin Spring 2020

8. On rainy or cold days (there will be some) head indoors to find fun

Our indoor play guide, sponsored by our friends at Lake Breeze Realty, offers a variety of indoor fun ideas including indoor options for:

  • Go-karts
  • Rock Walls
  • Play
  • Swimming
  • Tumbling
  • more!

Indoor Play Guide: Click here

Indoor play Lake Country and Waukesha County

9. Attend any of these awesome April events

There is plenty of fun to have in April. Our Calendar is updated daily as fun things arise, so be sure to view it when making your plans. Our weekend guide is a helpful resource as well.  Here are a few events in April we wanted to highlight:

April 16th – Kick off to the Healthy Kids Running Series
Friday MorningsUrban Air Toddler Jumperoo time 
2023 Realtors Home and Garden Show– Details HERE
East Troy Bunny Train – CLICK HERE
April 15-16 re:Craft and Relic MarketCLICK HERE

Event Calendar Banner 2021

10. Don't foret to Plan your Summer Fun

Summer is just around the corner (literally) and there is much fun to be had. But don’t let it creep up on you without a plan. It’s awesome to make plans for summer camps now (since they are filling up and some are full) now.  Additionally, plan your summer family fun and road trips as well.  It’s going to be a great summer!

Camping Guide:
Click here
Summer Camp Guide with over 35+ camp options: Click here
77 Things to Do this Summer: Click here
Free Summer Fun Guide: Click here


Summer Camp Guide 2022 Lake COuntry Family FUn

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