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Lake Country Family Fun Mission Statement

Lake Country Family Fun is your trusted, one-stop resource for local family fun in the greater Waukesha County area of southeastern WI.

We exist to:
  • Connect families to their local communities  – Our Events bring families to the community.
  • Simplify finding fun activities for families and visitors – We have a GUIDE for nearly everything local and family 🙂
  • Provide parenting tips and resources – Parenting is easier in a village setting, join ours – plus our Facebook group!

Owner & Manager

Erin Guenterberg is the owner and manager of Lake Country Family Fun (LCFF, LLC). She was a wife to a hard-working man, and a mother to two adventurous daughters. Erin and her late husband are both originally from southeastern Wisconsin and despite moving to other areas for college, they were drawn back to this area when they married – nearly 2 decades ago!  After starting their family here, they do not think they could have picked a better place to call home!  Erin now spends most of her free time enjoying lake activities, especially paddleboarding, cozying up with a good book, and practicing yoga at her favorite local hot yoga studio. 

Erin Girls Julie Collins Hartland
Image via Julie Collins Photography

Professionally, Erin went from social worker, to stay-at-home mom, to Lake Country Family Fun enthusiast and sales manager, to then owner in 2016. Since taking over Lake Country Family Fun, Erin has grown a team of women (see below (plus 2 IT guys not pictured)). Erin thrives at creating community (both on and offline), supporting local businesses, giving back to the community and promoting and hosting amazing local events such as those listed above. She takes an active role in the Lake Country area where she has grown strong friendships and ties to the community through her volunteer work as a past board member of the Oconomowoc Newcomers and Neighbors and current position on the board of the Friends of Imagination Station and Gals on the Go Project. Through Erin’s leadership, Lake Country Family Fun is also a proud member of the Delafield Chamber of Commerce, where she was nominated and awarded the “Spirit of Delafield” award in April 2024. Erin has also been recognized, nominated, and was a member of the inaugural Milwaukee KNOW Women. ErinGuenterberg Spirit of Delafield April 2024

Team Member and Sales Manager

This lady has been such a blessing to Lake Country Family Fun. Please welcome our contributor and Sales Manager – Stephanie Cutler!

Stephanie Cutler
Image by Julie Collins Photography at Cushing Park Delafield

Say hello to Stephanie! Stephanie Cutler is a stay-at-home mom. Prior to children, Stephanie was an IT auditor and IT consultant at accounting firms. She was a marketing and IT major at Marquette University where she also met her husband, Al, who works full-time from home for the US Patent & Trademark office as an Engineer.  She has two boys, Quinton (11) and Brooks (9) who keep her happy and on her toes (literally). Stephanie and Al also have a daughter, Bernadette, who was born in 2017 and the adoption became final in March 2018. Her interests include snowboarding, Bible studies, public speaking, working out, tent camping with the family, going to the zoo with her kids and enjoying her husband’s home-brews.

Stephanie’s Posts (All)

Stephanie’s Adoption Blog9

Contributing Content Creator

Catherine Giljohann

Catherine has been a faithful follower of Lake Country Family Fun since becoming a parent in 2018.   She now has two boys under four years old and lives to see their faces light up with new experiences. Her days are fueled by coffee, adventure, and toddlers’ love. 

She works for an IT Consulting company and also runs a blog on savvy family travel. Her husband, Troy, also works in IT and shares his love of golf with their sons.

In addition to thinking about traveling, talking about traveling, and traveling, Catherine’s interests include crafting, hiking, salsa dancing, and shopping.  

Read Catherine’s Posts

Join the community of travel loving families HERE


Contributing Content Creator and Editor

Samantha Bower Lake Country Family Fun
Image via Julie Collins Photography

Samantha is a wife, stay at home mom of her two young children, and a step mom of 1. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, she worked in the Dental field. Samantha has lived in Hartland with her family for 10 years!

She enjoys coffee, exploring new places with her family, traveling, painting, party planning and shopping.  

Lake Country Family Fun Facebook Group Co-Leader

Ashley Hoover Lake Country Family Fun Please welcome Ashley Hoover as our Lake Country Family Fun Facebook Group Co-leader. Mom of 2 amazing littles, advocating for their complex needs. The pandemic brought out the
creative in Ashley to share more about her story and dive into all things social media. Her complex
motherhood journey mixed with knowledge of social media is how she is here today. Self taught
everything she knows about Tik Tok and Instagram, taking advantage of opportunities that came her way, she now manages multiple accounts and have grown her own affiliate marketing on her personal page while partnering with MKE Hummingbirds, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, Amazon & more! Ashley continues to go with the flow and keep up with the fast changing world of
social media which is extremely helpful. She loves sharing everything she has learned!
Accounts Ashley is behind:

  • Kids Impact Community
  • Sarah’s Littles
  • Running the Facebook group for LCFF & Kara Reese Photography
  • Consulting for local SAHM group

Lake Country family fun is her go to resource for everything and how she and her family meet new people and found her SAHM group 💖 A favorite place of hers is Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha. 

Connect with Ashley HERE.
Lake Country Family Fun Facebook Group

LCFF Posts Ashley has consulted on: 

Ideas for Celebrating Black History Month

Honoring MLK Jr. in Lake Country

Books to Diversify your Child’s Bookshelf

Lake Country Family Fun Year in Review: 2020

Juneteenth Day Events In and Around Milwaukee

Autism, Sensory-Friendly Halloween Tips for Families

Ashely also took over the Lake Country Family Fun Instagram for a day in 2020. 

See the highlights under the Highlight Circle “#ShareTheMic”

Lake Country Family Fun Facebook Group Co-Leader


Amy Bachtell Lake Country Family Fun About UsAmy is a stay-at-home mom to her 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son, and is married to her husband of 9 years. She enjoys making wreaths, capturing her children through photography, and works part time as a remote administrative assistant. Her family moved to Hartland in 2016, and loves raising their children in the area. Amy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being active in their local church, playing board games, kayaking, going on bike rides and hikes with her family, and exploring state and county parks. Her family likes to go on road trips out west and down south. When she isn’t taking her kids on weekly adventures outside of the home, she uses her elementary teaching degree to help with homeschooling their children. Amy is originally from Michigan, but relocated to Wisconsin for a teaching job, and ended up meeting her husband online through Christian Mingle. She loves the lake country community, and Lake Country Family Fun is her go to resource for everything! 

Lake Country Family Fun Facebook Group

Contributor and TikTok Creator

Shweta PandaPlease welcome Shweta Panda! Shweta is a student  on her way to Indiana University – Bloomington this fall to study business. She has lived in the Lake Country area since she moved to the US and absolutely adores it. In search for a summer internship, she found her way to LCFF and loves writing for the page! Besides that, Shweta is passionate about public speaking and encourages people to advocate for what they believe in. Oh, and in case you were curious, her last name really is Panda which she thinks is very fitting because she really cherishes her time spent eating and sleeping! 

Shweta’s Posts

Shweta’s TikToks


Alex B. Please welcome Alex Blanchard! Alex Blanchard is a wife, mother, blogger and works full time as a Mortgage Specialist in the area. Alex has an almost 2 year old daughter that she’s raising bilingually; as a family they enjoy discovering the Lake Country area and traveling across the country. She loves being a mom and tries to find joy even through the hardest times. Her most recent passion has been her blog in which she talks about Motherhood, her journey to being healthy & strong, and shares health conscious recipes. They live with her grandmother and have two dogs, let’s say there’s no dull moment in her house

Alex’s Posts
Follow Alex on her blog: mamacitadiaries.com
Follow Alex on Instagram.

Guest Contributor

Jann Fujimoto Speech Works LLC Lake Country Family Fun Waukesha County Parks Tour Muskego

Jann Fujimoto wears a lot of hats – including guest blogging on Lake Country Family Fun!

Jann Fujimoto is a wife, mom to two, and speech-language pathologist.  Her family has lived in Lake Country for 10 years,  the longest she has ever lived in any one place.  She enjoys traveling, reading, and gardening at the Fuji Farm, which in reality is a couple of raised garden beds in the backyard.

Follow Jann’s family’s quest to visit all 11 Waukesha County Parks in one year (they did it!) plus Jann’s tour of all the Waukesha County Libraries here!


Say hello to our lifestyle contributor – Martha Herdendorf!marthabio-1

Martha Herdendorf is a full time mom, wife and Marketing Coordinator and a part-time blogger, foodie and fashionista. She tries to keep it as real as possible, appreciates the messes in life and encourages laughter while navigating through all the twists and turns. Staying grounded and keeping her independence are the main reasons she started her passion project Staying Martha. Interests include: humor, creativity, a full belly, wine, anything turquoise and honesty.

Connect with Martha on social media!
Martha’s Posts

Original Creator of LCFF

Lake Country Family Fun first evolved from a stay-at-home Mom with a toddler desperate to get out and explore the area. In searching for something to do, Melissa was often going through twenty websites just to find out which events were happening that week.  She found this area was lacking a comprehensive site that is updated daily to find all the wonderful events that happen in the Lake Country area. Therefore, Lake Country Family Fun was born!  Melissa found that people were always asking her what was going on in the area so she decided to start with a Facebook page in April of 2011. Next, that lead into creating Lake Country Family Fun, LLC in May of 2012 and lakecountryfamilyfun.com in June of 2012.

The whole Lake Country Family Fun Family!

Lake Country Family Fun Year in Review: 2021

Lake Country Family Fun covers all of the Lake Country area and most of Southeastern Wisconsin. We love where we live and openly invite you to contact us if you have any questions at Erin @ lakecountryfamilyfun . com. If you see us out in the community, please stop and say hello!

Are you a parent with a voice and looking for an outlet?  Would you like to join our team?  Let us know what you are thinking!  We would love more input and opinions from parents in the area!

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