Camping tips and tricks

12 Family Camping Tips and Tricks

Hello, again this is Pam and Marty from, sharing some tips and tricks for camping with your family.  We hope you have enjoyed our last three posts about camping in Wisconsin, and we welcome any questions you might have.  In this post from our blog, we explain the reasons we think camping is super important.

1. Equipment

Camping always starts with the equipment you choose.  If you are just starting off, start with tents.  Many times you can borrow one from a friend to make sure it is something your family likes.  Don’t be tricked by the number of people a tent sleeps.  If the tent sleeps two, that means there is only room for two people without any gear.  A good tip is to count each person as two.  So if we have three people we use a six-person tent.  That way we know we will have enough room for our gear.  The next level of comfort would be a pop-up camper and then an RV.  Take your time to determine what is best for your family.

There are so many choices when determining a campground.  State parks and county parks are great and offer space, nature, and great programming for kids.  If you prefer more amenities like pools, mini-golf, inflatables at the beaches, restaurants and game rooms than a private campground will be more your speed.  Wisconsin Association of Campgrounds has a great list of private campgrounds.

3. Meals

Meal planning is one of my favorite parts of camping.  We love to make a variety of foods along with the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. A great camping tip is to join a Facebook page with a focus on camping or camping meals to get more ideas.

4. Snacks

Our kids always look forward to camping snacks!  They love making s’mores, popcorn, cinnamon rolls on a stick, pudgy pies, ice cream cone s’mores, and more!  Camping snacks are what memories are made of because we only have these when we camp, so it’s a special treat.

Camping tips and tricks

5. Cooking

The longer we camp the more ways we cook.  Cooking over an open fire is the cornerstone of camping.  However, we also use a camp stove, cast iron dutch oven, pudgy pie makers, griddles, crock pots, and our new favorite the Blackstone Griddle.  Take your time and challenge yourself to find new ways to cook each time your family camps.

6. Kitchen

The camp kitchen can help solve many camping challenges.  We started camping in a tent and we used two wooden boxes that we set on the picnic table.  The boxes had all our cooking supplies, paper, and plastic products, spices, and knives.  It was great to have it all in one spot.  

7. Sleeping

Check the forecast, tenting in June can lead to nighttime temperatures under 50 degrees.  If you don’t have sleeping bags (or if you do) bring bedding from home and extra blankets.  Plan on blow-up mattresses and a way to blow them up.  Use cots or blow up mattresses with a frame to get off the ground.  There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while you sleep.  

8. Pinterest

People who camp LOVE Pinterest. Camping tips and tricks can easily be found all over Pinterest. Set up a camping board and start saving all the best ideas.

Camping Tips and Tricks

9. “Family Spot”

Every time we camp we set up our “family spot.”  It consists of a wooden plaque with our family name and where we are from, a small camping flag, and a light-up five-gallon camping bucket.  It introduces our family to other families walking by our campsite.

10. Games

Have you always wanted to play games with your kids but lack the time?  Use your camping time to play games.  We play yard games like Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard and I Spy.  They also love Uno, Popcorn Poker, Yardzee, Twister, and Clue.  Try out a few and then keep a game tote just for camping.

11. Tourist

Enjoy your campground but also explore the area around your campsite.  We like to use mornings to get out and explore State Parks, tourist areas, shops, historical sites, and even visit friends and family.  We try to be back at camp around lunch then enjoy the amenities of our campground.

12. Preplanning

The best tip we can give you is to preplan.  Always have a packing list and use it!  Check off each item as it is packed in your vehicle.  Plan out your meals and precook, chop and mix as much as you can.  The more work you put into camping prior to leaving the more relaxing time your family will have on your trip.

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