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10 Ideas for an Ultimate Outdoor Winter

We know that Wisconsinites have fun outdoors in every season and many of you are asking:

What can we do outside or in the outdoors?

Wisconsin can be cold in the winter, but that doesn’t stop us from having family fun inside and outside. There are LOTS of things to do outside in winter in Waukesha County and Lake Country.  Being outdoors is a great thing for parent and kids alike and we are here to help you to find more fun ideas on how to get outdoors. One thing we can count on is that:


We hope that this guide inspires you to get outside as much as possible this fall and enjoy nature, outdoors, family, and this beautiful area we live in. Personally, we are going to try out new sledding hills, hiking in winter, and snowboarding some local hills. 

We've put together the ultimate guide to an outdoor WINTER with 10 ideas for outside fun for 2022!

Outdoor dining isn’t just for the summer time and warm months. In our area, many restaurants offer Igloos, Domes, Snowglobes to dine in outdoors and we recommend this experience. Click on the image for the OUTDOOR DINING guide to Waukesha County:

Outdoor dining winter domes 

Lakes are a KEY feature of the area in which we live called, “Lake Country”.  It’s also part of our name LAKE Country Family Fun. Lakes cover all of Waukesha County.  They span from southern Waukesha county by Muskego to northern Waukesha County in Colgate.  Lakes are a BIG deal around here. We enjoy them year-round, including winter for ice fishing. The Lakes of Lake Country Guide is brought to you by our friends at Team Trimble Real Estate.  Click on the image to get to the LAKES guide.

Map of the Lakes of Lake Country


Cross-country skiing is very popular in SE Wisconsin and our county of Waukesha has several groomed trails you can cross-county ski. Lapham Peak is an amazing State park for this activity. Our handy guide to cross-country skiing in Waukesha County will have everything you need to start (or keep) enjoying cross-country skiing. Click on the image for the guide:

Where to Cross Country Ski near me

Hiking is a great family activity especially in the winter (wear good boots or snowshoes!).  You can find 8 awesome trails to try in our guide. The guide is sponsored by Sherpers – a great place to get all the gear you need for hiking. Get the guide by clicking on the image below:  

Spring Guides (Like Hiking)


Snowshoeing is fun and a great workout! In our snowshoe guide you will find:

Click on the image below to find 12 great Waukesha County snowshoe trails to check out with your family:

Snowshoe Guide Winter Lake Country


Nothing says winter in Wisconsin like ice skating (inside or outside)! Find outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks at Waukesha County parks and other local parks located throughout Lake Country. Be sure to check the status before attending as warm weather can cause the rinks to close.  

In our guide you will find:
– Over 12 Outdoor Rink Locations
– Images of the Outdoor Rinks
– Indoor Rink locations

Find 15+ Ice Skating Rinks in and around Waukesha County by clicking on the image below:

Sk_8 Slab Hartland Ice Skating Around Waukesha County

Looking to go and play at a park in Waukesha County?  There are plenty of options to have some family fun throughout the county even in Winter.  This is a listing of the Waukesha County Parks. Plus, if you click on the names of each park, you will find our guest contributor, Jann’s family’s experience with visiting each park in one year.

In the winter, the Waukesha County Parks system has everything including:

  • Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter Hiking
  • Snow Conditions
  • Fat Tire Biking
  • Dog Walking
  • Cross Country Skiing

For the guide to our Waukesha County parks, click the image below:

Waukesha County Parks

Don’t miss their Candlelight Winter hike events here.

Click on the image below to get directed to the January FUN guide which contains 16 ideas for January Fun including outdoor options:

January Hoofbeats Oconomowoc

Ice Castles are only located in a handful of states. We are so lucky to have them within an hour of us!  We at Lake Country Family Fun recommend this event and have tips for attending in our post about the Ice Castles.

Click on the image below to get full information on visiting the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva this winter:

Ice Slide Ice Castles


Sledding is by far our favorite! Our family is lucky to live on a hill, so we just slide down our backyard – but there are many public sledding hills throughout the area, including a toboggan run at Lowell Park in Waukesha.

See Lake Country Family Fun’s Guide to 22 Sledding Hills for all the details + a map.

Sledding Waukesha County Sussex

Welp, there are 10 things we encourage you to do OUTDOORS this WINTER in Wisconsin.  Hope you get out and enjoy.  Tag us in your outdoor fun photos at our IG handle @lakecountryfamilyfun and we would love to feature YOUR outdoor winter fun!


For more winter fun guides, posts and events....

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