Sunflower farms

Where to find Sunflower Farms in and around Waukesha County

Need something beautiful to look forward to? Everyone flocked to Stonebank Sunflower Farm last year, but there are many places to look for sunflowers. What I love about the sunflowers is their beautiful heads, sticking up into the sky, standing so tall. A magnificent plant, don’t you think so, too?! Find where you can find sunflower farms locally in and around Waukesha County and Lake Country!

Before you hop in the car, be sure be prepared. Be prepared to respect the farm that you are going to. These beautiful plants should be enjoyed by all. Please follow all farm rules as to where you can walk or stand and what you can touch. Please also give back if there is an option for a donation. Lastly, if you are going to the farm to pick the sunflowers (if allowed), please be sure to bring your own scissors or container if noted by the farm. Find 11 tips for visiting sunflower farms by my friend Jennifer of Jersey Family Fun.  

Sunflower Farms in and Around Waukesha County

*Please call ahead, check the sunflower farm websites or Facebook pages to make sure they are open for visitors and to abide by their rules so no sunflowers are ruined or trampled. 

Mayberry Farms

W2364 Cty Rd Y, Mayville, WI 53050

The sunflower field is in full bloom RIGHT NOW and available for photo opportunities by appointment only for August. Please contact the farm directly for details, linked above.

Lannon Sunflower Farm
W204 N8525 Lannon Rd, Lannon, WI 53051

Sunflowers are planted and growing! NOW OPEN! Admission is $20 per vehicle. Open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily through Labor Day/while supplies last.  Be sure to bring your own container/vase and clippers/scissors.

Jelli’s Market
N5648 S. Farmington Road, Helenville, WI 53137

Last year, team member Heather took the above picture at Jelli’s in front of their beautiful sunflowers. Jelli’s has a sunflower field for viewing and they are NOW OPEN as of July 29! They welcome all ages to the field, including aspiring photographers. There is a $6 admission fee each time you come. You can pick a sunflower while you are in the field. Additional sunflowers may be purchased for $1 per flower. The field will be open for approximately 2 to 3 weeks.  


Gwenyn Hill Farm
N130W294, Bryn Dr, Waukesha, WI 53188

Gwenyn Hill is a sustainable, integrated, organic farm. They care for the livestock, crops, orchard, and market garden, as well as for the soil, woods, water, and wildlife. Conservation and farming go hand-in-hand. This Wisconsin farm is an interconnected, ecological web. 

There may be some cut stems available at the farmstand. However, there are not sunflowers available for posing and taking pictures with as described above. 

Christmas on Indian Lore
7790 Indian Lore Rd, West Bend, WI 

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: The sunflowers are just STARTING to bloom. (July 30) Christmas on Indian Lore will be taking reservations beginning August 8 for the sunflower fields. If interested you can call or text at 262-689-2234 or email for available times, and prices. 
They welcome anyone who wants to take pictures. 

Oak Rest Farms Sunflowers
6138 S. Pine Street, Burlington, WI 53105

The sunflowers are GROWING!
OPEN! Hour are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to sunset and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please enter at your own risk and no pets. It’s a field and the ground will be uneven in areas. Please consider shoes without heels.
$5 per person to enter the field. Children under 10 are free.
$1 PER flower that you pick. Please please don’t cut flowers and leave them in the field.
Parking is only allowed on the road on the same side as the flowers.

Stonebank Sunflower Farm
N68W33866 County Road, Oconomowoc 53066

Not in bloom for 2020 – stay tuned as the flowers are planted in different fields due to crop rotation. They hope to be back in Stonebank in the future years!

If you feel like hopping in the car for a short road trip, find 6 sunflower fields near Chicago to brighten your day! A longer car ride, might find you in Michigan. They have sunflower fields to visit as well!

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