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Easter weekend is here! Yet, it sure doesn’t feel like Easter. My family has traditions of attending community Easter egg hunts leading up to Easter, going to Easter breakfast at church and then having an extended family get together in the afternoon. None of that will happen this weekend. BUT, we did take extra time to decorate our home this year for Easter, and joined the GREAT LAKE COUNTRY EASTER EGG HUNT.

How do you usually spend Easter? How will it be different this year? Will you get dressed up in  your Sunday best? Will you order takeout from the restaurant you were planning on eating at? Will you grill out instead in between the raindrops? Will you host a fun Easter egg hunt for your children? Will you make a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets? Did you even make Easter baskets? {Still on my to-do list.}

  {All things APRIL and Social Distancing friendly in Waukesha County}

If you are looking for things to do this Easter weekend with your family check out our events calendar, featuring virtual and COVID-19 friendly events, including virtual Easter Bunny sightings!

In case your holiday weekend has you searching for a hike, our local Waukesha County Parks, spring trails, and neighborhood trails might be quite busy. State parks and trails have been closed now. If you venture outdoors to walk around your neighborhoods, please remember to stay 6+ feet away from a stranger. We love this graphic from the Nature Conservancy in WI. As always, remember to clean up after yourself, touch as little as possible, and enjoy the fresh clean air!

Despite the uncertainty of the world right now, we at Lake Country Family Fun have been watching all the good happen. We found 10 creative ideas for community in the past couple weeks. And we started the Great Lake Country Easter Egg Hunt. Did you join? We have some eggs up already! Plus, have you seen Lake Country Giving? What a wonderful service from an anonymous community member! Let us know what else you saw positive and heartwarming ❤️

Even with the positive, I say, breathe. I have said it multiple times now in weekend guides, social media posts and our e-newsletters, and I will continue to say it, because it’s something I remind myself daily. When I feel the overwhelm creeping in, when I feel the uncertainty settling in, when I feel unsure of the next move…I stop and breathe. Please breathe with me (from your house or at least 6 feet away 😉 )

So, we want to see all your social distancing weekend fun! Turn these lemons into lemonade🍋 Be sure to tag @lakecountryfamilyfun in your Easter weekend fun, your activities, your survival strategies, and we’ll be sure to share in our Facebook or IG stories. Thank you to those who tagged us last weekend!  🤗🥰

Weekend Weather from the National Weather Service:
Sunny 🌞
high 47 F 
Chance rain (40%) 
high 54 🌧️  
Rain Likely (90%) 🌧️
high 48 F 
*Source: weather.gov

Please thank our weekend guide sponsor:

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Lake Country Family Fun's Promotions and Announcements​

  • Looking for spring fun?
      • Try one of these spring hikes!
      • Join the Great Lake Country Easter Egg Hunt!
      • Nature is still open! Just remain 6+ feet away from anyone you might encounter and avoid touching railings.
      • Head to a State Park. Link above!
      • Friday is Good Friday. A day when many remember the death of Jesus Christ. It is also the last call for the BEST LOCAL FISH FRY VOTE!!
        • The vote went live and hundreds of votes have come in! Make sure you cast yours so we can find out who will be crowned Best Fish Fry 2019! Vote HERE. Share the vote on Facebook HERE.
  • Looking for our latest giveaways?
      • You can find them all listed on our new DEALS PAGE.
          • Enter to win through our Great Lake Country Easter Egg Hunt!
      • Plus, find Groupon savings to local attractions as well.
  • Looking to connect and network?
      • LAKE COUNTRY CURRENTS: 2019-2020 SEASON next event is Saturday, May 2.
        • The meeting will be held via Zoom. 
        • Tickets will be on sale soon!
        • As part of our mission statement, Lake Country Family Fun is super excited about this networking opportunity for online creatives in the Waukesha County area.
        • Read more about the fun and all the details HERE.  
        • Follow Lake Country Currents on FACEBOOK
  • Looking for connection?
      • When it gets cold, or the government mandates that we all become socially distant, people tend to hibernate in their homes, and hibernation can lead to isolation. Please reach out! Please build a group of moms you can call in a pinch. And never hesitate to send an email or private message or comment below to us at Lake Country Family Fun💗
          • Start here: our MOMS GROUPS AND PLAY GROUPS GUIDE to the Waukesha County area for mom groups is a list compiled of 30+ community, church, and library play groups. Look over the list HERE, and know that many of the groups are continuing to meet virtually.
          • Do you have a village of moms/friends/family that you can count on? We posed this question to our Facebook page recently and love the answers coming through from both people seeking a village and those that are so grateful for their village. It’s our goal for everyone to feel connected and a part of a village that fits their lifestyle. 
          • Our Lake Country Family Fun Community Facebook Group is more active than ever. Please drop in any questions, ideas, comments,  or support. Have an idea for a blog post that would resonate with parents in the greater Waukesha County area? We are taking in contributors! 
          • Join our virtual playdates! We hope you enjoyed the first few. There are more to come!

ICYMI:  Easter is THIS WEEKEND. So it’s last call for Easter virtual events and at-home egg hunts. All the Brunches have moved to take out form.  The full Easter 2020 Guide can be found HERE, brought to us by Dayspring Church and Preschool. They are offering a Kid’s Puppet Show at 10:00 am followed by their Easter Service at 11:00 am, virtually, of course!

Lastly, be sure to SHARE the Easter 2020 Guide on Facebook with your local friends and family!



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