SummerFest is upon us!

2023 Update: Summerfest 2023 will be held over three weekends again next year (Thursday through Saturday), but in the summer months when it was usually held: 22-24, June 29-July1 and July 6-8. Save those dates – summer 2023 will hopefully be here before you know it! For more info, head here:

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American Family Insurance Amphitheater:

Other New Acts Announced:

Note: The information in the post below is from 2022. We will update again in 2023. 

SummerFest is right around the corner! Do you head out to the Big Gig every summer? What’s your favorite part of the festival – the food? the entertainment? the concerts? All three mixed together?

SummerFest Deals

Tickets can be purchased through this link: . They are not offering daily deals in 2021, but have the option to purchase either single or multiday tickets.

There is no KOHL’S FAMILY DAY admission this year. 

There is no Children’s Fest Day this year.

Check out our tips for heading down to the lakefront this summer:

  • Plan and prepare your visit ahead of time. Know where you are going.
  • Shuttle in. There is parking available on and near the grounds, but we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam when the festival closes where it has taken us an hour to move a mile. Beat the traffic and shuttle in from the many area park and rides.
    • Since we are coming from Lake Country, we in previous years, liked to park at the Delafield/Naga-waukee Ice Arena park and ride. However, this year the 5 bus stops are within Milwaukee County.
    • See the schedule here.
    • Call (262) 542-8861 for more information.
  • If riding the bus in isn’t your style, you can Uber as well to avoid driving in.
    • The main Uber Zone is located right outside of the Mid Gate at E. Chicago St. & N. Jackson St.
  • BACKPACKS or bags larger than 9x10x12 are not allowed and all bags will be searched.
    • If you are heading down with other adults, just bring the necessities and leave your purse/bag at home.
    • If you are heading down with family and need a diaper bag, again sort through it and only bring what is absolutely necessary. Also measure to ensure it is smaller than 9*10*12.

What are your tips for enjoying the Big Gig?

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6 thoughts on “SummerFest is upon us!”

  1. Theresa Johnson

    Just wondering if they have a bus from goerkes corner park and ride in waukesha this year to summerfest 2022. They have in the past just not finding any info. If so do u have to buy tickets ahead of time? How much is round trip? What time do they start? What time does last bus leave grounds. Come every half hour?

      1. Theresa Johnson

        Ya know that kinda sucks for people who live outside milwaukee and don’t want to drink and drive. I mean they want people to be safe. I think they need to reevaluate this for next year because what take a uber down to shuttle costs money Then bus cost money Then uber home costs money Then summerfest isn’t cheap. Do u know what they r doing for state fair?

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