Lake Country Family Fun Top 10 Posts of 2017

Another year gone – I can hardly believe it, but here we are celebrating New Year’s Eve. Lake Country Family Fun has been doing some reflecting as one does at this time of the year. Last year, I spent New Year’s Eve celebrating with Stephanie, and we did one of our first Facebook lives. Wow – that’s a funny one to look back on 😉 We said we were going to have exciting things coming up in 2017 – and we did!

In 2017, Lake Country Family Fun added a new contributor, Madi, who joined Stephanie and Martha. Madi is a budding blogger who is interested in reducing her household impact on the environment, eating whole foods, and being active while living a simple and soulful life. Fittingly, her most viewed post was Where to Volunteer this Holiday Season. Martha took a fun role in growing Lake Country Family Fun’s Instagram following, and we learned about the 4 things she won’t sacrifice (hint: family is everything!). Stephanie shared her adoption journey with us all, and when we thought it had come to an end, Along Came a Girl! Yay! Lake Country Family Fun also had a guest contributor series written by Jann Fujimoto, who chronicled her family’s 2017 tour of the Waukesha County Park System. I am so inspired and encouraged to know these amazing women and for you to follow along on all of the different journeys they take. They all bring a different style to Lake Country Family Fun, and I cannot wait to work with them more in 2018.

Lastly, we had another successful Hartland Kids Day. Stay tuned for the 2018 date!

We published 220 posts in 2017, our most ever in one year. In looking over which posts received the most views this year, we thought we would share our top ten posts of 2017 with you!  So here they are:

Lake Country Family Fun Kids Eat Free or Cheap in Waukesha County

Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap in Waukesha County
Lake Country Family Fun updates this post regularly as it is so popular with our readers!

Best Local Fish Fry
Lake Country Family Fun did our first favorite fish fry vote and WOW! What an amazing response. Who will win in 2018?

Easter Egg Hunts and More!
An ever-popular spring favorite!

Local 4th of July Event Guide
We know where to find the fireworks 🙂

Waukesha County and Metro Milwaukee Trick or Treat Guide
So many different trick or treat times organized just for you!

Southern Wisconsin Birthday Party Guide
Our favorite local venues to make your child’s special day!

Indoor Play Guide
This guide is great year-round for escaping the cold and heat!

Go Pick Some Strawberries” Guide
Picking strawberries is the best part of early summer!

Ice Castles Wisconsin Dells is Open, Plus **Giveaway**
Stephanie and her family had so much fun visiting the ice castles last winter. We are bummed they are not coming back to WI this year, but it was a rough (warm) winter for them last year.

Best Local Parks
This has been a top viewed post of Lake Country Family Fun for years, but when we interviewed our Families of Lake Country Family Fun in fall 2016, all of them mentioned the parks in this post. These truly are the best of the area!

Cheers to 2018!