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Local 4th of July Event Guide

Many are wondering where to find fireworks in SE Wisconsin in 2022

Looking for all the local 4th of July parades, activities, and fireworks? Many communities are excited to bring back their favorite 4th of July activities in 2022. Lake Country Family Fun has been following these communities closely in the Waukesha County and surrounding area for all the fun with our Local 4th of July Event Guide, so you know what’s going on and what’s not.  If you have a parade or firework display that is not listed please send an email to lakecountryfamilyfun@gmail(dot)com, and it will be added to the list!  The fun isn’t only on the 4th of July, it actually starts in June!  This is by far one of my favorite times of year, the small town USA spirit is truly alive in the Lake Country area to celebrate Independence Day! 

We are all Americans, whether we arrived by boat, plane, foot, or our ancestors are native to the land. America has sorted history, but don’t we all? We are all messy and have messed up at various point in our life, America as a country of the people it is made up of, is no different. 

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Below is the listing of all the events, parades, and fireworks for Independence Day 2022.  They are organized first by parades and then by fireworks, lastly by the day of the event. Plus, be sure to check out Lake Country Family Fun’s parade survival tips to maximize your 4th of July fun! For the details of a particular event, click the description and it will lead you to the particular calendar event for all the details. Please remember times are sometimes approximate, such as fireworks at dusk. Lake Country Family Fun is not responsible for changes to scheduled events, fireworks, parades etc…and some of these outdoor events may be weather dependent.



List of 4th of July Events in 2022

Tap on the event for more details on each event. 

  • Madison St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    MadisonSt. Patrick's Day Parade

    ****The 2022 St Patrick’s Day Parade has been postponed until 2023. They look forward to celebrati…

    March 11, 2023 @ 1:30 pm5:00 pm

Tap on the event for more details on each event. 

There are no upcoming events.

Parades, Fireworks & Festivals by Day

June 24 –

·        Hartland Hometown Celebration Fireworks

June 26 –

·         Hartland Hometown Celebration Parade

See more in calendar format HERE.

Here are Lake Country Family Fun’s summer parade survival tips!

  • Bring water, lots and lots, of water.
  • Get there early, if you can’t buddy up with another family that you love and whomever gets there first saves enough space for the whole group.
  • Strategically seat your family near a rest room if at all possible.
  • Strategically seat your family near a place they can run and kill time prior to the parade starting, many parades go by parks (that is usually where you will find us) {Pro tip from Lake Country Family Fun founder, Melissa Peterson}.
  • Bring freeze pops or frozen yogurt tubes.  The last thing you want is your 3 year old over heating and ending up in a walk-in freezer at a convenience store.  {Pro tip from Lake Country Family Fun founder, Melissa Peterson}
  • Bring a small pair of scissors for said freeze pops.  It will save time, frustration and your teeth.  
  • Bring wet wash cloths in a ziplock bag to cool down your little people or to clean off your sweaty face and sticky hands. Throw them in the freezer or fridge  and grab them just before you leave.  
  • Bring some band-aids, inevitably someone will fall and skin their knee.
  • Bring a blanket to place on the sidewalk or curb, once the parade begins your little people will be chasing candy and not relaxing in their chairs.  It helps give them parameters of what their ‘area’ is and how far they can go for candy.  
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks.  If you bring a large bag of pretzels bring some small bags/containers to give to each kid individually (bring a few more than you think you may need).
  • Please teach your children manners. {Don’t be the parent with your kid knocking over somebody else’s kid to get that piece of Laffy Taffy.}  Let them know their boundaries and expect them to abide by it.
  • See these parade etiquette tips for respecting the American flag.
  • Bring a few extra bags for the kids to round up their candy, bring at least one extra for use as a trash bag.
  • Bring mineral sunscreen, if you can apply prior before the parade.
  • Bring some extra baby wipes, they have so many purposes and can help in multiple ways. (Sticky candy anyone? kids playing in the dirty street?)
  • Bring a few extra hair rubber bands, things get lost easily and when they get hot the ladies will always want their hair pulled up.  
  • Possibly an extra change of clothes if you have a kid that likes to pour water on themselves,  or are a sweaty little mess, or maybe you have somewhere to go afterwards.  
  • Got an extra tip for families? Let us know!

We’ve put together 21 Must Do Events in July!  See the list of events here

Menomonee Falls Independence Day Parade and Fireworks Lake Keesus July Parade Stone Bank Pewaukee 4th of July Parade Decorating contest Brookfield 4th of July Parade and Ice Cream Social Waukesha 4th of July Parade Watertown 4th of July Parade New Berlin 4th of July Parade New Berlin Kiddie Parade 4th of July Parades Lake Country Family Fun Delafield Community Parade

Parade Guide 2022


Lake Country Family Fun 4th of July Event Guide

Have a 4th of July Festivity that is not on this list?

If you have a public 4th of July event that needs to be included on this guide, please email us at erin@lakecountryfamilyfun(dot)com with your event information. You can also email us via the contact form.

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