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In 2017, my family and I EXPLORED ALL ELEVEN of the WAUKESHA COUNTY PARKS in one year. As a lover of public libraries and books in general, I thought it would be fun to visit all sixteen WAUKESHA COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARIES during the summer of 2019. The Waukesha County libraries are part of the BRIDGES LIBRARY COUNTY system, which allows patrons to borrow and return books from any of the 24 libraries within Waukesha and Jefferson counties.

During our 2017 adventures, we visited Muskego Park, but we didn’t explore much else of Muskego.

Muskego Public Library
S73 W16663 Janesville Road
Muskego, WI 53150
(262) 971-2100

Upon entering the library, I was surprised at how open and big the interior is. I overheard a young patron say, “This room is really big,” and I was thinking the same thing. The tall ceilings reminded me a bit of the entrance at the New Berlin library.

To orient yourself from this picture, the Young Adult section is on the left, the three study rooms are on the left, and the children’s section is on the right.

It goes on and on

Just like the entering the library, when I entered the children’s section I was surprised at how big it is. It went on and on, which is just what you want for a library. The imaginary play area was filled with children, and I couldn’t resist giving the gears on the puzzle wall a few spins.

Kits & Bundles

Libraries are a place of learning and discovery. The librarians here have assembled Early Literacy Kits and Maker Kits for patrons at home. The Maker Kits I opened had USB drives in them, so you’ll most likely need a computer to take advantage of those.

If you need an instant storytime for home, then look for the Book Bundles on top of bookshelves. I’ve seen these at Town Hall Library and Mukwonago Community Library. This particular bundle had three books and a dvd, vroom vroom.

Keep your eyes open on the left of the children’s library entrance for the movies. This big lettering reminded me of the letters announcing the Kids Zone at the Mukwonago Community Library.

Teen Time

Young adults have their own section at the back of the library. It has a few places to sit within it. If those areas are filled, then teens can sit in the large atrium area, which has a number of seats and tables.

Book & flag depository

If you have materials to return to the Muskego Public Library, then you’ll find the return slots to the left of the entrance. You will have to leave your vehicle to return your materials.

If you have a United States flag that has rips, holes, or tears, then you can bring to the library and place it in the disposal box at the right of the entrance. The flags are collected here and disposed of properly.

Fifteen Waukesha county libraries visited, just one to go!

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Jann Fujimoto is a wife, mom to two, and SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST. She’s lived in Lake Country since 2006. She enjoys traveling, reading, and gardening.

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