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The Sweetest Treat Coming to Your Neighborhood

Spring has sprung in Lake Country and that means that summer is just around the corner. While other parts of the country and iconic movies and television shows might have ice cream trucks, neighborhoods around this area are used to having the sweetest treat, Kona Ice! Kona Ice is a Lake Country fan favorite. They are also a fan favorite at Hartland Kids Day in July! 

The Sweetest Treat in Your Neighborhood

Everything is a little bit different this year in 2020, though. But Kona Ice is coming through for your children’s sweet tooth and a special treat! 


They have a pre-order option for some community ordinances. In other communities they can do walk up orders. If walk up orders are offered, they are only accepting exact cash amounts or credit card.  Drivers are not allowed to touch the money to minimize contact. 

They announced on their Facebook Page:


Kona Ice now delivers! Pre-order your Kona Ice delivery and we will drive right up to your curb to deliver it. Super easy, super fun! Click below to start your order!

**Please note: Kurbside Kona is different than our previous neighborhood service. We will not be driving down every street – stops will be based on pre-orders. At this time we can only take walk-up orders within the City of Oconomowoc. In all other areas, orders will need to be pre-ordered and pre-paid online only. We can only deliver to designated routes per day. Routes will change daily and we will do our very best to service you all! 

Things to know about Kona Ice per their website:

  • Kona Klassic is free of
      • gluten
      • fat
      • nuts
      • dairy
      • cholesterol
      • soy
      • high fructose corn syrup
      • GMOs
      • lactose
  • There is a sugar free option that is vegan and kosher-certified.
  • There is a “fruit-first” option.
  • There is a “vita-blend” option that is infused with vitamins C and D.

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