A summer fun schedule that works

A Summer Fun Schedule that Works!

This post was guest written by Lake Country Family Fun reader, Heather Sorum.

A Summer Fun Schedule that Works!

When summer comes around in our house, we definitely enjoy not having the scheduled craziness of the school year.  However, for us, we do still like to have a routine. This allows us to plan out our week with certain activities in mind.  We certainly do not stick to this plan every week, but it’s nice to have a general guideline. We read for at least 20-30 minutes every day, no matter what.  Joining one of the library reading programs provides an incentive, but we are lucky to have two boys that absolutely love reading anyways.  I got in the habit of sitting down and reading during this time too, which modeled the activity for the boys and was a nice way for me to relax too! There’s nothing fancy or special about the routine we put together.  We looked at some ideas on Pinterest and put together one that appealed to us. We also sit down together and put together a list of our “must do” summer activities and keep the list posted for inspiration on those days we can’t find anything to do.

Our Summer Fun Routine for Last Summer:

Monday-Music & Math I’ve been teaching the boys to play the piano, so we set aside some time every Monday for that.  We also would find a math game to play-either one we already have, or an activity from Pinterest.   Tuesday-Trip   This was the day we went on an adventure.  Some of our favorite places to go are Discovery World, Madison, Bookworm Gardens, Jelli’s Market (strawberry, pea, and raspberry picking), Old World Wisconsin (get your passes through the library programs), and Green Meadows Farm {affiliate link}.  We also ventured to Green Bay, Chicago, and Brewers games.  A few other fun activities we tried were tours of Miller Park {American Family Field} and Palermo’s Pizza Factory. Wednesday-Water & Bookworm   If the weather cooperated, we would plan a water activity for this day.  We have a fun inflatable water slide for the yard that my boys could play on for hours, or we would hit the splash pad or beach.  This was also the day we would head to the library for an afternoon program (we are big fans of the Delafield Library) and to turn in reading logs. Thursday-Kitchen   One of the goals for last summer was to get the boys in the kitchen more.  We belong to a CSA so that forces us to be adventurous with our cooking, and the boys really enjoy being a part of that.  I bought “The Lemonade Stand Cookbook” {affiliate link} to help us with some ideas.  We didn’t end up actually selling anything, but had fun trying some new recipes at least! Friday-Fun!   This was a catch-all day, and we did things like science experiments, magic tricks, or art projects.  It might mean a play date, or another trip, too. A couple books that I really find helpful are “101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest ever” {affiliate link} and “15 Minutes Outside” {affiliate link}.  There are lots of ideas on Pinterest too, and I would let the boys scroll through my boards to pick something that appealed to them too. We also have the Magic School Bus chemistry lab which gives us tons of experiments to do.  I love that it comes with a data notebook and safety goggles for little chemists!

I hope this gives you some ideas of fun things to do this summer and that we see you out and about in Lake Country!

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