Lake Country Family Fun Coffee Shops – Pink Mocha Cafe

No compensation was received in exchange for this visit to Pink Mocha Cafe and Coffee House in Hartland. All opinions are my own.

The coffee shop is located just off Highway 16 across from Walgreens in the Village of Hartland. Pop in before heading to the library or Hartland Kids Day

418 Merton Ave
Hartland, WI 53029

After visiting the Waukesha County Parks and Waukesha County libraries, I decided to visit the sponsors of the Lake Country Family Fun Coffee Shop Guide.

Parking for the Pink Mocha Cafe is a parking lot in front of the entrance. You’ll find it conveniently located along Highway 16, just an exit away from nearby Nashotah Park. It’s about five miles south of the Town Hall Library and a mile away from the Hartland Public Library. When I pulled in, I couldn’t tell if the number of cars in the parking lot were for the Pink Mocha Cafe or the other merchants. After seeing two younger drivers pull in, I guessed the crowd was at the cafe.

Of all of the coffee shops I have visited for this series, this was the busiest. I debated visiting on another day, but I decided to stay because it is wonderful to see local coffee shops being patronized and enjoyed. I later learned that my visit coincided with exam day from a nearby high school, which meant it was filled with high schoolers seeking a reprieve from their studies.

After this initial visit, a friend and I met up at Pink Mocha on a snowy Saturday morning, so this Lake Country Coffee Shop sponsor received two visits at the same location.

This is not a new to me coffee shop.  Though it has been a while since my last visit, I recall they had an extensive food menu. As in, so many yummy choices of breakfast, daily, specials, soup, salads, paninis, sandwiches, and desserts that it really is hard to choose. Of all of the coffee shop sponsors, Pink Mocha has the largest food menu available. A few things on their menu were not available, but I ordered blueberry granola pancakes with bacon and found a seat.

This space is filled with shabby chic tables of different sizes. A few of the tables are just in front of the ordering counter that cozy up with those in line. You’ll find outlets for charging your devices near some of the tables along the wall. I didn’t see any high chairs available, and the seating would be a bit tight for them.

They have a frequent buyers’ club for regulars that are stored electronically so you won’t have to keep track of punch cards. That’s handy!

A sign near the ordering counter explains that all of their offerings are homemade. During both visits, the wait for food was about 25 minutes. On the first visit, I enjoyed my hot chai and started this post during my wait.  I figured the wait had to do with the crush of customers, though most of them were ordering drinks and not food.  

When my order arrived during my first visit, I could feel the heat radiating from the pancakes and bacon, which was most welcome on a snowy January day. Since I only ate one of the pancakes, I got a to-go box. Breakfast for dinner anyone?

During my second visit, the person taking our order warned us that our food order of eggs, sausage and a yogurt parfait would take about 30 minutes. I thought about going around the corner to their baked goods case for a quicker option, but my friend and I figured we could use the time to catch up while we waited.   Now that I think about it, I ordered a chai during that visit too.

The staff will bus your table, so you can leave your dishes on the table.

Need coffee for a large group offsite? Be sure to pre-order a Coffee Traveler.

If you’re hungry, looking for a coffee shop with an extensive menu, and have some time, then bring a friend, work, knitting, or other portable projects to pass the time while you wait for the delectable dish to be prepared.

And just like that, my visit to the seven sponsors of the Lake Country Family Fun Coffee Shop Guide is complete. My original plan was to visit just one of the three Mama D’s, but thanks to a white elephant gift of a Mama D’s gift card, my plan is to visit their other locations. Stay tuned.

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