Kick Christmas Movie Night up a notch

Kick Your Christmas Movie Night Up A Notch

We love Christmas movies. It’s our favorite movie genre and season of the year. How do you do movies at home? Do you just plop on the couch and press play or stream it? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you are looking for ways to kick your Christmas movie night up a notch, we have some fun tips for your family below. After all, we do fun here, and we do it well. 😁

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4 Ways to Kick Your Christmas Movie Night Up a Notch

Step 1:
Pick your Christmas Movie ahead of time. We’ve been there before, where we’ve picked a night to be a movie night, only to wait until that moment to pick the movie and then spend 20+ minutes sifting through Netflix, Amazon Prime,  Disney+, YouTube TV, Roku, and our own DVD/Bluray set. Trust me. Pick the movie ahead of time. If you want the kiddos to have a say, narrow it down to 3 choices at the most and then vote. But you know your kids best and if it’s easiest to let them have a say or choose for them for the big Christmas movie night. Bonus if you choose one from our Amazon Prime Christmas Movie List graphic below or our 30 Best Christmas Movie Guide. Plus, we love the new Eddie Murphy movie Candy Cane Lane. It’s so cute – give it a watch!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up here.

Amazon Prime Christmas Movies night 2020

Step 2:
Make a special movie drink!  We recommend making your own hot cocoa bombs!  Why have hot chocolate, when you can have a hot cocoa bomb. Am I right?! It’s a great family activity to do before your Christmas movie night.  Here are instructions how to make your very own hot cocoa bombs along with the ingredients you will need. 

{Not into DIY – find where to buy them locally HERE

Hot Chocolate Bombs E&S Sweets Shop Small Saturday
Image via E and S Sweets in Mukwonago

Step 3:
Have yummy snacks and treats on hand. I don’t know what it is about movies, but those little tummies, usually start growling. Try these at home concessions ideas, including popcorn and candy!

Try this popcorn with this butter for a true movie theater popcorn experience!

Our family always likes to create our own flavored popcorn. We typically have multiple flavors on hand, because we each choose something different. Buy a variety of popcorn flavors here or here. And sometimes we sprinkle cinnamon and salt on with the butter for a fun flavor. 

Now, let’s get popping! I love these popcorn makers.  They give you that movie theater vibe in your own home. 

Option 1 – convenient countertop size

Option 2 – all-in fun mode. Love that it has a storage compartment for the kernels and oil/butter and seasons. One less thing to find!

And if you are craving any sweets, snag this variety box of full size chocolate candies. Have you ever put your M&Ms in your popcorn? Do it. So yummy for a sweet and salty treat.

Step 4: Seating – Throw some blankets and pillows on the floor to get cozy and snuggle up with.

*To take your seating option to the next level, construct your own fort for the kids (and even adults) to enjoy the movie in.

I love this multi purpose option! Use it as a floor pillow and storage for your kiddos stuffed animals!

Looking for something more whimsical, these are adorable!  Choose from 6 different inflatable pillow options, like cheeseburger, pizza, or cupcake.

With this option, you choose your size of either queen or king size pillows to stuff these lounger covers with.  Covers come in multiple color options. My favorite is the navy with the stars.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for taking your Christmas movie night from a 1 to a 10! Whatever you do, don’t stress. If the kids spill popcorn, that’s nothing a sweep of the broom or a vacuum can’t pick up.  And remember, most of all enjoy your holiday family time. Memories made with your family are what truly matters this season and all seasons of life. 

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