Waukesha County Area Public School Updates: Fall 2020

Waukesha County Area Public School Updates: Fall 2020

Moms, dads, parents, please take a breath. Regardless of whether you were a public school or private school parent, our lives drastically changed mid-March 2020 when school was ultimately cancelled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

When everyone finally came to terms with their children not returning to school in the spring and the cancellation of summer school as well. Conversation immediately turned to fall 2020. Will the kids be in school? What will it look like? Will there be a modified schedule? Will distance learning/virtual learning continue? Will the kids have to wear masks? How do you social distance in a classroom full of kids? Are parents considering homeschooling (and by this I mean true homeschooling – not distance learning/virtual learning).

So many questions….and then the meme/graphic showed up… 

Stop believing all the Memes

There was a meme floating around social media. You’ve probably seen it. It said that it’s a summary of the CDC guidelines for schools across America.  Many parents immediately commented in opposition to the information on the meme. BUT, it’s not entirely accurate. 

What does the CDC actually say?

First of all, always go to the source. By this I mean visit the CDC website. What does the CDC say about in person school? HERE IS THE ACTUAL LINK AND SOURCE. This was most recently updated on May 19, 2020. As you read the data know that the information is “guidelines” and “considerations for schools”. These are not laws. The local authorities will use these guidelines and considerations to make a plan for our local schools. 

What does your Local School District Say?


Here is where you can find out. Each of the following, links out to the district page for the various school districts in Waukesha County. 

While not in Waukesha County, MPS (Milwaukee Public Schools) has put out a blueprint to the fall school year. They outlined their plan for three scenarios.  More HERE.

What does your Private School Say?

Private schools are also following the CDC guidelines and considerations as well as the Wisconsin DPI’s guidelines. Do your children attend a private school in Waukesha County? Find their information here in our PRIVATE SCHOOL GUIDE. Are your children really little? Find their information here in our PRESCHOOL GUIDE.

No matter where your child is going to in-person school, be prepared to be flexible. My children’s school is planning for a variety of scenarios, including a later start date, a modified schedule, and a contingency plan if there is needed to be a switch fast to virtual learning again as there was in March 2020. These things may happen or they may not. We’ll see as the summer goes along. 

Too early to talk about Fall 2020?

Find summer fun options for learning and exploring:

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