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St. Patrick’s Day & March Fun

My name may be Erin, and I may be Irish, but I’m not 100% certain…but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating a little bit every March 🙂  No matter your name or cultural heritage, check out these fun activities.

We have included lots of ways to fill your day with a little luck of the Irish for St. Patrick’s Day and make you shout, “Erin go Bragh”! Some are just for fun and some are educational. Find a little bit of everything for everyone.  The Town of Erin’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is ON for 2023! *Please note it is not the most family friendly parade. 

This guide has 5 categories:

Local St. Patrick's Day Themed Family Events

There are no upcoming events.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Calling all the crafty moms and mediocre moms, too! All the moms and crafty dads even. Parents!! Anyone who loves this holiday or loves a reason to celebrate and get their kiddo to smile. This is for you!

Find a round up of fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts to do with your kids and family this St. Patrick’s Day 2023. You can snag even more ideas in our Lake Country Family Fun Community Facebook Group HERE

  1. Make a Leprechaun Trap. 
  2. Watch this dance by the Trinity Irish Dancers and then learn it in your home.
  3. Put green foot prints around your toilet seat. 
  4. Make all their drinks green for the day! We even found dye-free food coloring at Pick-N-Save/Metro Market and on Amazon. 
  5. Local mom, Angela made “clover snacks” by  putting three pretzels and a pretzel stick in the shape of a clover and melting a Hershey kiss on the top with a green M&M. Bake at 200 degrees for 4 minutes. See the image in our Lake Country Family Fun Community Facebook Group. 
  6. Make Irish Soda Bread muffins for breakfast. Recipe. Costco is also selling St. Patrick’s Day Soda bread (in stores now). 
  7. Local mom, Jessica Plemons, has preschool St. Patrick’s Day plans and printables.
  8. Local mom, Sarah Vanderkooy of Creative Ramblings has lots of Cricut craft ideas.
  9. Grab extra ideas from the Lake Country Family Fun Pinterest page

St. Patrick's Day Dining

Leprechaun Search in Delafield

St. Patrick's Themed 5K Run/Walks


How will you celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year?

8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day & March Fun”

  1. I attend the Erin parade every year and have a great time! Last year was the first time I became worried for people safety. The police NEED to block off hwy k much earlier than 10am. Buses were driving down the parade route to get to that farm to park. It was really late in the am and the crowd was already large. That is just an accident waiting to happen. Cars and buses should be already parked by 9, and streets blocked off. Several people last year almost got hit. Just mentioning to keep all safe!

  2. They have 5k races around here for St Patrick’s Day but after my last 5k in a blizzard, I don’t run any time before June anymore LOL

    1. It’s crazy that some years in March a 5k may be a t shirt event, but other years, you are running in the snow. Never know what you are going to get at St. Paddy’s Day time of the year here 🙂

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