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5 Tips for Visiting Little Amerricka

Little Amerricka’s normal operating calendar in 2024, begins Memorial Day weekend.  This park is a must do for families with kids 2-8 years of age for simple, old-fashioned, affordable fun.   In fact, even littles under two can ride 15 of the attractions! #notsponsored We just really enjoy it here!

Plan your summer 2024 visit with these reduced admission deals (CJ/GROUPON affiliate where you get the deal and Lake Country Family Fun may receive some compensation to keep the lights on and the family fun going.)

Little Amerricka Wisconsin Amusement Park

Little Amerricka is an old-timey amusement park with a delightful side of grit.  It’s the lesser known cousin of Green Bay’s Bay Beach and is only 1 hour west of the Milwaukee Zoo Interchange.  (Marshall, WI)

Little Amerricka opened in 1991 and is named after one of its founders, Lee Merricka, hence the irking spelling.   At the time it only had the train, miniature golf, and four rides.   Now you’ll find thrills you wouldn’t expect in the heart of Wisconsin farmlands.   I also couldn’t help but linger on its stark backdrop, a sprawling cemetery that sent us a glaring reminder to enjoy every moment.

The Rides at Little Amerricka

The park certainly caters to young families and some would say it is too kiddy for teenagers, however we visited with our neighbors, who have children ages 7, 14, and 16.  They were all just as pleased to spend their day at Little Amerricka as my three year old.  

A child’s height determines which color wristband they’d get and the rides that qualify.   Here are the rides per wristband.  More details can be found on their Little Amerricka website

Little Amerricka Ride Passes Wisconsin Amusement Park

A two mile train ride is the park’s centerpiece.   I was expecting their steam train to make a quick loop around the park, but to my surprise it weaved far outside the park, through a campground and what I expect to be the owner’s backyard.  We passed cows, geese, and wait-for-it, zebras. Yep, zebras in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin

Little Amerricka Train Ride Wisconsin Amusement Park

Because they don’t charge a general admission fee, as parents we didn’t feel like we needed to spend our day on rides, instead we got to relax and watch our kids’ faces light up on the rides.   The two rides we really enjoyed as a family were the train and the monorail. 

Little Amerricka feels a bit like the amusement section of a fair without the hokey games, long lines, overpriced food, and ludacris ticket prices.  Unlike carnies, the ride operators at Little Amerricka genuinely love kids and cheerfully loaded and unloaded happy little faces.  

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Little Amerricka

Pack a lunch – Not only will you save money, but you’ll save valuable time by not having to wait for your order at the concession stand.  Families are welcome to bring your own food and it is easy to come and go from your vehicle as needed.  For a refreshing beverage, their $2 slushies really hit the spot on a hot summer day. 

Call Ahead – The first time we went, we made the one hour drive only to find out they decided not to open that day due to the heat. Per their website: During inclement weather, decisions on whether to open the park will be made anytime up until noon that day. Always call (608) 655 – 3181 to confirm the park’s hours before planning your outing.

Tickets – Kids will definitely get your money’s worth from the wristband, but you may not.  Plan which rides you want to join in on and consider if it makes more sense to buy $1.50 tickets individually. You can buy extra tickets easily throughout the day at the entrance or concession stands. 

*Check to see if you can snag free child tickets by participating in the Bridges Library Summer Reading Program throughout Waukesha and Jefferson counties. Lake Country Family Fun did in summer 2021 and 2023!

Check the Train Schedule – Head over to the station to glance at the schedule and plan to return just in time for one of the journeys. The ride is about 15 minutes long and costs 3 tickets (or is included with the wristbands).

Consider an Overnight – We will definitely be back in 2022 and next year we are planning an overnight at The Whistle Stop.  The train ride made a stop here to pick up guests and we saw it’s alluring swim lagoon with lots of inflatable toys.   It is primarily for RVs, but they have rental cabins as well.  

As soon as we loaded up the kids to depart, my husband declared, “Well, now I know where we are taking our kids for the next 6 years instead of Six Flags.”  He has a point. Our family spent as much money on an afternoon at Little Amerricka as we would for a single ticket into Great America for equally as much joy for a little kid. 

Don’t miss out on this timeless destination your kids won’t soon forget! 

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  1. Does the train run every day or are there only certain days and how much does it cost if you just want to go on just the train is it per ticket or is it included in a wristband

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