Bug & Goose Indoor Play Elm Grove

Waukesha County’s Newest Indoor Play – Bug & Goose Play Cafe

Lake Country Family Fun cannot wait to share with you Waukesha County’s newest indoor play place – Bug & Goose Play Cafe in Elm Grove. We took a private tour this summer and were super impressed with the cleanliness, creativity and thoughtfulness that was put into creating this awesome local business.  We can’t wait to share with you 3 things below you need to know about Bug & Goose, but first…

What is BUg & Goose Play Cafe?

Bug & Goose Play Cafe is an indoor play area that is fully carpeted, specially designed for little ones 6 months to 6 years old. With toys, structures, games, and crafts designed to inspire children, the play café is a safe space where kids can socialize and grow. And a fantastic place for caretakers to spend time with coffee, snacks and yummy bakery too!

1. Reservation System (Private & Open Play)

They have a reservation system for both private and open play times and to check our website for the most updated schedule.

2. They host Parties (all kinds!)

In addition to kid’s birthday parties, they can host gender reveals, baby showers, kindergarten graduations, anything you can think of! 

3. Operation Goose Group- School Enrichment Program

They have an exciting back-to-school program called Operation Goose Group – for limited group of students to maintain emotional development / social interactions at Bug & Goose to help replace that missing in a virtual school learning environment. Take out dinner options for an additional cost and a portion of program fees goes to City Forward Collective (awesome!)

Bug & Goose Indoor Play Elm Grove

Bug & Goose has the tagline:


They have 3,000 square feet of space to play! It’s the best place to be for creativity and adventure.  

Some other things to know:

  • Their shoe-less (socks required) play area is fully carpeted!
  • COVID-19 Protocols can be found on their home page here.
  • More FAQs answered here.

So how did Bug & Goose Play Cafe get its name?

My husband and I moved to his home state of Wisconsin in March of 2016, and I found a position as a nanny caring for Leo, who at the time was 6 months old. Ophelia (my daugther) accompanied me to care for him and their nicknames, “Bug” (Leo), and “Goose” (shortened from “Silly Goose” for Ophelia) were a regular part of my vocabulary for a year and a half. When Leo’s parents moved cross-country, they offered to help fund my dream of bringing the community of caretakers together in a place to play, celebrate, and caffeinate; and so Bug & Goose Play Cafe was born! 

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