Winter Beer Garden Waukesha Janboree Free ice skating

Waukesha Janboree

39th Annual Waukesha Janboree

The dates for the 39th annual Waukesha Janboree have been announced: January 19 through the 28th, 2024! There is 10 days of fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Explore the Lowell Survival Camp at the opening ceremonies on January 19 and stay for the Wild, Wild Sky Fireworks display.

From families, to adults, to children, there’s fun for everyone. Get to the Waukesha JanBoree and check out the carnival!

OPening Friday at the Waukesha Janboree

Saturday, January 20th at the Waukesha Janboree

Sunday at the Waukesha Janboree

Sledding HIll Guide Waukesha County Lake COuntry

During the week at the Waukesha Janboree

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