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15+ Ice Skating Rinks In and Around Waukesha County

Nothing says winter in Wisconsin like ice skating (inside or outside)! Find outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks at Waukesha County parks and other local parks located throughout Lake Country. Be sure to check the status before attending as warm weather can cause the rinks to close.  

In this guide you will find:
– Over 10 Outdoor Rink Locations
– Images of the Outdoor Rinks
– Indoor Rink locations

***Disclaimer – This information can change as ice skating is weather-dependent, and weather in Wisconsin is unpredictable. Caution must be used at rinks that are on the water (not land rinks) to ensure ice is thick enough to skate on. Skate at your own risk. ***

10+ Outdoor Rinks

*Most of the outdoor rinks require families to bring their own skates. If you are looking for where to sharpen your ice skates locally, try one of these places:

  • The Howard G. Mullett Ice Center in Hartland on the Arrowhead campus
  • Nagawicka Ice Arena in Delafield
  • Hockey Haven in Brookfield

Ice Rinks in Waukesha County –

The SK_8 Slab at Hartland’s Nixon Park and Warming House
There is a warming house and ice rink at Nixon Park again this year. (Many years ago, there was an ice rink in the parking lot.)  This ice rink is brought to you by the Village of Hartland and many generous sponsors.

Hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week. Rentals are not available. The season will be based on weather. Follow the Hartland Recreation Department on Facebook to stay up to date on whether the rink is open or not. Check the status on the Village Recreational Department’s Facebook page. Bonus, they have music playing and lights!!

Park Arthur Muskego
There is a lighted ice skating rink at Park Arthur located at S63 W17833 College Avenue! Lights are simultaneously activated with the push of the button at the sledding hill. We must add to all who are not familiar, the sledding hill at Park Arthur is a great way for the kids to burn some energy and to get outside! Call the Hotline at (262) 679-5645 for the most up-to-date information. 

Delafield Fish Hatchery/Sports Complex
The ice skating rink is 52 feet x 100 feet and is maintained by the City of Delafield. There are two hockey goals available. It is free to use and has a portable restroom and benches. There is no warming house. Users must bring their skates and are encouraged to wear helmets and other protective equipment such as elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.

Lowell and Buchner Parks Public Ice Rinks – Waukesha
There are two Ice Rinks that will be open for use this winter season in the city of Waukesha, weather permitting. Call the Parks Information Line at 262-522-9356 for the most up to date information on conditions or check here. At Buchner, (223 Oakland Ave) the rink is open all day; skating is free. There are no skate rentals available, so bring your own. A warming shelter is open from 12-3 on Sundays. Also find an unsupervised, public ice skating rink at Lowell Park (2201 Michigan Avenue).

Manchester Hill Park
A 15-acre park located in the north central part of Muskego: W167S7650 Parkland Drive, Muskego. A pond on the park’s south end provides ice skating during the winter months. 

Manchester Hill’s skating rink is a pond which is between 3 feet and 4 feet deep. Freezing depth is 6 inches -8 inches.  An access path takes you from the park’s parking lot to the pond. There is lighting and an open, unheated shelter.

As with all program events, you can call the Hotline at (262) 679-5645 for the most up-to-date information.

Civic Center Ice Rink 
N64 W23760 Main Street, Sussex.
Please bring your own ice skates. No skate rentals are available at this time. The rink is always “open skate”; there are no designated times for specific skating activities. There is a designated area to remove ice skates before entering the lobby. Skating Daily 5:00 am to 9:00 pm when open.

Civic Center Restrooms Available: 
Daily 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

It is common for the rink to be open and closed multiple times throughout the winter season. Stay tuned HERE. 

New Berlin Library Ice Rink
A synthetic ice skating rink is located at the New Berlin library for public use at the City Center Plaza located on the East corner of Library Lane and Michelle Witmer Memorial Drive. Skate rental and skate sharpening services are unavailable. Open 9am to 9pm. Check status before attending.  262-786-8610  

Fowler Lake  in Oconomowoc
A 10-acre community park located on the eastern shore of Fowler Lake central Oconomowoc: 500 Oakwood Ave., Oconomowoc. You can enter the rink from the boat launch. 

The City of Oconomowoc Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department maintains an ice skating rink on Fowler Lake when ice thickness in the rink area is 12 inches or more.  Stay tuned for 2024 opening dates, which are weather permitting. *Not maintaining a rink on Lac La Belle for the foreseeable future.

Lisbon Ice Skating Rink
N78 W26970 Bartlett Parkway
Lisbon, WI

Flooded ice skating rinks will be maintained (conditions permitting) during the months of December, January, and February at Community Park. The rink has excellent parking facilities and is lighted until 9 pm. 

 Milwaukee County Fun –

This is not an exhaustive list of outdoor skating in Milwaukee County.

Slice of Ice at Red Arrow Park 
920 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI










6 Indoor Ice Rinks

Sometimes winter weather doesn’t cooperate to ice skate outside. It can be too warm or too cold or the worst – rainy! Luckily, there are many indoor ice skating rinks in the Lake Country and Waukesha County area for your family to enjoy!

Mullett Ice Center – Hartland

  • 700 North Ave. Hartland, WI
  • Click this LINK for public skate times.

Eble Ice Arena – Brookfield

  • 19400 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI
  • To see Lake Country Family Fun’s guest contributor’s experience, click here.

The Ponds of Brookfield Ice Arena

  • 2810 N Calhoun Rd, Brookfield, WI

Naga-Waukee Ice Arena – Delafield

  • 2699 Golf Rd, Delafield, WI
  • View their calendar for open skate times
  • To see Lake Country Family Fun’s guest contributor’s experience, click here.

Petit National Ice Center in West Allis

  • 500 S 84th St, Milwaukee, WI
  • Click this link for open skate times

Wilson Ice Arena

  • 4001 S 20th St, Milwaukee, WI
  • Click this link for open skate times

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