Basse’s Taste of Country Farm Market

I bundled up the kids and headed out for a new adventure last weekend.  I wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin farm that we hadn’t been to, and I wanted to make it an adventure.  My husband stayed back and did work around the house, so it was just me and the 4 kids.  No easy feat to say the least.  I had requirements, I wanted something that everyone would enjoy, something that would wear them out, and a hay ride at minimum.  I made the choice to head to Basse’s Taste of Country, it seemed to be about a half hour drive from our house, which most were, which seemed reasonable.

Once we got there we got a great parking spot, but getting into the lot was a little scary as there were many blind spots for children to dart from.  I learned that the hard way with my children while walking back to the car was a big safety issue, so that was no enjoyable for me with 4 kids by myself pulling a wagon full of pumpkins to my car.  That was my biggest complaint.  There was even a child who got lost while we were there (not my own thankfully) and the staff did a great job and the child was found very quickly, so that is a huge plus.

We went and paid our admission fee to get in, Sigi was free but the rest of us paid $10.42 a person.  Which felt a little steep, but when you are paying for a large family to do anything, everything seems steep.  It include everything that was imaginable, so in the end if we payed for each item we probably would have spent the same amount.

When we got in we headed to the corn maze, somehow I have never been through one, and the kids were all game for the adventure.  There were two options, the 15 minute maze, and a 45 minute maze.  I chose the prior, I knew that 45 minutes would be way to long for the kids and I.

The kids did great and it was a scavenger hunt of sorts as you had a monopoly type game that you hole punched along the way.  They had a blast even though it was very muddy!

The kids had a great time with all the activities that we available, and there was only lines for the inflatables, and even those seemed well managed.  The kids probably enjoyed the slides the most as I had to wait quite a while as they kept going up and down the slide.

We headed for our hay ride to the pumpkin patch after sliding for what felt like hours.  The wait was a little long, but manageable.

The choice of pumpkins in the patch on our side seemed relatively full, but there were quite a few that were rotting.  After sorting through the pumpkins we each finally found our perfect pumpkins and headed on our way back to the entertainment area.

We were very happy to see there was a pumpkin washing station to get the mud off of your pumpkin when you got off the hay ride.  So, with all that being said, we will be back next year for sure to have some fall fun.  The kids fell asleep on the way home, there was no fighting, and we aren’t still lost in the corn maze.  I consider that a successful day!

Basse’s Taste of Country is located at 3190 County Line Q Colgate WI 53017.

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