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Where to find the best Paczki in Lake Country

Can I let you in on a little secret? Shh…okay…here it goes…I’ve never had a Paczki (pronounced poonch-key). Nope. Not one. And the worst part is I am 50% polish. I didn’t even know what one was until about the last ten years or so, but even then haven’t gotten around to trying one. BUT, it’s about that time. The time when people are out searching for the best ones. The “real” ones. Luckily, we have awesome readers, and they have found the best ones in the area!

First…if you are not Polish and not from here, you might be wondering, what are you even talking about. Well, a Paczki is a jelly filled doughnut, usually prune, but can be made with many flavors. It’s a Polish tradition to be eaten on Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. This year, that falls on Tuesday, February 13thst, 2024.

Top 10 Places for Paczkis

  • Grebe’s Bakery (Sentry Delafield) 
  • Baker Meister in Elkorn
  • Danielle’s Deli in Brookfield
  • Sweet Talkin’ Treats in Watertown (order online too)
  • Sweet Perfections in Waukesha (even boozy ones)
  • National Bakery and Deli – New Berlin/Brookfield
  • The Polish Center in Franklin
  • Periwinkle’s Bakery/Rochester Deli in Waukesha
  • Cranky Al’s in Tosa
  • Beach Bum Bakery in Pewaukee


  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Pick N Save
  • Costco
  • Meijer
  • Woodmans
  • Sendik’s

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