Vote for Your Favorite Lake Country Area Family Practitioners and Doctors

Vote for Your Favorite Lake Country Area Family Practitioners and Doctors

We are looking for the best doctors, chiropractors, dentists, family practitioners and more in the Lake Country area!

Do you have a pediatrician that you love? Do you find you are telling everyone about your child’s last dental appointment, because it went great, the dentist listened, and the office atmosphere was amazing? Does you OB-GYN or family practitioner doctor take the very best care of you and your family?  

Lake Country Family Fun Readers Want to know!

Did your insurance change with the new year? Did you just move to the Lake Country and Waukesha County area? Are you looking for a change in your family’s health professionals or are you beyond ecstatic with your current care and want everyone to be as happy as you are? We get that. We love to share joy, too! ❤️

Now is your chance to vote for your favorite family practitioner, doctor, and health care professional in the following categories:

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We take our children’s health very seriously, and it can be very time consuming and difficult to navigate through health care systems. It’s so much easier to enjoy all the fun that Lake Country Family Fun promotes when we are all feeling great and healthy. And finding a great doctor or health professional is so important to navigating all the sicknesses and potential injuries that childhood throws our way. We are looking for the most reliable, trustworthy practitioners in the Waukesha County area and can’t wait for your help!

Family Practitioner and Health Professional Voting Details:

  • Voting will be open from Monday, January 8 – Monday, January 29, 2024.
  • Only vote on first-hand experiences. (If your best friend had a great experience with a provider, but you’ve never met the provider, please do not vote for that provider. If your best friend IS the provider, but you’ve not used their services, please do not vote for them either.)
  • Only ONE (1) vote per person. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • You must vote in every category. There is a “Not Applicable” option in each category if that category does not apply to you (Ex: you don’t have allergies and therefore do not see an allergist.)
  • If your favorite provider is NOT listed (please double check, everything is alphabetical by last name) in the drop-down menu, please click “Not Applicable” and then write in their name and clinic on the following line. When writing in their name, please write {First Name} {Last Name} {Clinic/City}. Do not type “Dr./Dr/Doctor” in front of their first name. Thank you!
  • This whole survey should take about 2 minutes TOTAL – maybe 5 if your favorite provider is not listed as an option and you have to double check the spelling of their name and clinic 😉 
  • Please click/tap submit only once
  • We will publish the results in February 2024.
  • Thank you for helping fellow parents find the best local care!
  • We have added a field for each category for you to expand on WHY you love the provider you are voting for so much!  We’d love to be able to try and pass all the love along as we are able 🙂

Please vote here:

Voting takes place Jan 8 – Jan 29, 2024. 


Stay tuned for the results of the voting coming mid-February 2024.

Find the Results from the 2023 vote HERE!

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22 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite Lake Country Area Family Practitioners and Doctors”

  1. Dr. Ryan and his staff at Lang Family Eyecare are Fabulous! They are not only very knowledgeable and helpful, but extremely kind and compassionate

  2. Dr. Lang is WONDERFUL! I’m a type one diabetic and Dr. Lang always makes sure my diabetes has not affected my vision with his special equipment and check up routine. I’m happy to know my eyes are in good hands with Dr. Lang.

  3. Dr Shelly watters is an allergist that I have had the pleasure of working with for many years. She is always professional and really takes the time to make sure her patients understand her. She is always willing to teach. She makes food allergies one of her top priorities.

  4. Dr. Brandon Meye at Lake Country Health Center is an awesome Chiropractor! He listens and customizes a treatment plan to suit your needs. Combing adjustments and other state of the art treatments to maximize the benefits of treatment targeted to your specific issues!!!

  5. Dr. Brandon Meye at Lake Country Health Center is fantastic! Having worked in a heavy physical occupation for 30+ years regular adjustments and treatment are a must! Helps keep me moving, working, working out and doing things I enjoy!!

  6. Dr Shannon Stadler is amazing! I followed her to Brookfield and then back to Delafield because no other chiropractor could treat as well as she does! She sees the WHOLE patient, and treats accordingly. She genuinely cares about her patients, and develops a relationship with each and every one! We are SO glad she came back to practice in Delafield!

  7. Ryan Lang is the best eye doctor I’ve ever seen. He’s thorough, patient and takes his time. His staff is also terrific. I highly recommend Lang Family Eye Care which is a family business as his wife, Laura Lang is also a great optometrist! You get two for the price of one!

  8. As a labor and delivery RN of almost 20 years who also has small children (ages 3 and 4), I can personally tell you that Dr. Sawall (Pediatrician) of Prohealth Care-Pewaukee Clinic is absolutely amazing. He is very knowledgeable, yet kind and patient, something that is very important with babies and small children.

  9. Dr. Jason Varner is an incredible eye doctor! His wife is also an optometrist and is fantastic, too! Both are extremely intelligent, competent and caring. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!

  10. After being seen by Dr. Varner, there’s no way I could ever go anywhere else! He’s an awesome optometrist and what makes it better, is that seeing him supports small business; I recommend Dr. Varner to everyone, for sure!

  11. My son had his braces put on at Riechl orthodontics; Dr. Richl has been awesome! My son never feels uncomfortable when he goes; We definitely made the best choice!

  12. Dr. Shannon treats all ages of people in her practice. She is gifted with an ability to listen and value her patients needs and concerns. Her focus is not only to treat the current needs of her patients, but councils them on how nutrition and exercise go hand in hand with overall health.

  13. Dr. Stadler at Stadler Chiropractic is the ONLY chiropractor I trust with both myself and my children. We drive 40+ minutes to see her after she moved to delafield from Brookfield. She absolutely deserves the title of ‘best’.

  14. ALL the Physical Therapists at ProHealth Physical Therapy at Westwood are top notch and offer expertise in sports medicine, aquatics, pelvic floor, dry needling, and vestibular to name a few. I have seen several of their PT’s for my various issues throughout the years and they have always been knowledgeable and effective in my treatments, and warm and friendly, too. Highly recommend!

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