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Our Visit to Theia Vision Care in Hartland – Must “SEE”

My son was in need of new glasses because even with his current prescription he couldn’t see the board.  I reached out to Theia and Dr. Anna Koeck’s office for an appointment.  Theia is a long time partner of LCFF with Hartland Kids Day and more.  We had an appointment and new glasses in September and wanted to tell you about our experience.  Please note that services were provided in exchange for this honest review. 

Finding Theia Vision Care

Theia Vision Care Hartland

Theia Vision Care is located right in the heart of downtown Hartland at 213 E. Captirol Dr.  As you can see in the photo above, they are across from the Team Trimble building and the USBank and they are next to Lake Country Playhouse. We could have hung out on their beautiful porch – it was such a nice day when we visited.

The initial appointment

Theia Vision Care

Our visit to Theia Vision Care was relaxing, easy and smooth. The inside is adorable and there were a lot of fun fall touches of decoration out.  Brooks love the comfy chairs, but we didn’t have to wait at all.  We filled out some forms online prior to our visit which made things even smoother.  Dr. Anna took Brooks back right away for the appointment.  I was able to go back with him, which I appreciated.  The visit was very thorough (it was much more than just testing for what his new prescription was). Dr. Anna did not rush through it – we had 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with her.
The visit included:

  1. Entry level testing
    1. Visual field tests
    2. No air-puff test
  2. Visual acuity test
  3. Dilation (pictures of the back of the eyes)

Dr. Anna was super friendly with Brooks and he felt very comfortable. Dr. Anna sent us home with two eye exercises we can do to help Brooks keep his vision strong and from getting any worse.  The exercises included links to videos so we could do them at home. The exercises were the Brock string and Pencil “push ups”. I’m thankful she took the time to show these to us.

 After the appointment, Brooks had a blast with Holly in their lobby looking through their awesome eyewear selection, which are all hand-picked by Dr. Anna herself! Holly helped Brooks select a very durable and trendy pair of Champion glasses.  We upgraded to Trivex lenses (scratch resistant – much needed for my active boy), UV blocking, and epik™ Digital Relaxed Vision (DRV) lenses.  DRV provides a small  “boost” in the lower half of the lens designed to help your eyes relax so you can focus more easily and see clearly in all situations.  We were told the custom glasses could take up to two and a half weeks, but it was closer to two.

The follow-up and fitting

Theia Vision Care Hartland

We got the text that glasses were in and were able to stop by after school (with sister in tow) to pick them up.  Holly was great at fitting them to Brooks’ face. He was very happy with not just the look, but the ability to finally see well again! His favorite feature about the glasses are the color and the “sports mode” frame that bends so they are less likely to fall off  (mom likes that too). Mom also likes the fact that we upgraded to the Concierge package which includes a warranty (more details below). 

Why we Upgraded to their "Concierge Package"

Theia Vision Care Hartland

Theia Concierge Care™

Because Theia Vision Care believes that you and your family deserve the best care, they are willing to challenge the healthcare system to provide this, via their Direct Care model. Dr. Anna Koeck, voted as the best eye doctor in Lake Country in 2019,2021, and 2022,  has established a yearly membership plan that bundles all of her services into one, coveted package called, Theia Concierge Care™.

What is Theia Concierge Care™?

It’s a one-year subscription plan that allows clients to pay a single fee for eye care and vision needs for the year. There are no deductibles, no copays, no hidden fees, no surprises, and no questions asked. With the cost of healthcare rapidly rising, this mitigates your risk and dollar output for anything that happens with your eyes. Their elite membership package is valued at over $1,700 per person, but they offer it to guests for a simple payment of $825. They also offer this in monthly payments to make it affordable in the short term with the same quality of care and benefits in the long term! Step confidently into the light with your unmatched quality of service, products, and benefits of Theia Concierge Care™.


Theia Concierge Care™ Benefits:

Up to 4 Major Visits

  • their comprehensive eye exam is the staple of eye care
    • retinal fundus imaging, visual field tests, and functional testing included
    • 6x more time with the doctor to receive the best possible care and have all questions answered
  • they have your back in an emergency with a medical visit
    • 3 medical visit follow-ups are included

Contact Lenses

  • 1 contact lens evaluation is included
  • enjoy complimentary contact lens trials, accessories, and follow-ups within 60 days
  • extended access to special contact lens rebates and online ordering
  • flexibility to return or exchange unopened boxes


  • $75 benefit on all complete purchases (frame and lenses) applied on top of current promotions; $25 benefit on lens only purchases.
  • enjoy a $25 credit toward all in-store eyewear purchases* on top of current promotions
  • automatically enrolled in the Theia Ambassador Program
    • earn $20 on each referral eyewear purchase to spend on future eyewear purchases
  • there’s no limit on eyewear credits, or referral benefits

Expanded Access

  • the doctor’s personal cell phone number is provided
  • seek professional help when you need it with 1 after hours fee waiver
  • early access to all sales and promotions


(equal or lesser value)
Whether you want to buy one for you and stash one as the perfect holiday gift, or cash in on two pairs for yourself (everybody needs multiple pairs and a backup), this hot deal won’t last, so hurry on over in November and beat the holiday rush with a BOGO 50% off all eyewear deal at Theia Vision Care!


Theia Vision Care™

213 E. Capitol Dr.
Hartland, WI 53029
Phone: 262-361-0022


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