Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at The Corners {Review}

This is a sponsored post. *Lake Country Family Fun was invited to a sneak peak of the new restaurant, Grimald’s Pizzeria at The Corners of Brookfield. Lake Country Family Fun received compensation, but all opinions are my own.

Have you had the opportunity to check out The Corners of Brookfield yet? Lake Country Family Fun has been thoroughly enjoying all the new developments since our first visit to The Corners back on that rainy day in April 2017. Walking around The Corners to shop or eat feels a bit like a mini-vacation, walking around a village with specialty stores and delicious eats on every corner. If you have been putting it off, I urge you to stop by, especially if you are in the mood for pizza!

The Lake Country Family Fun family had the opportunity to have a sneak peak dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, and it was so yummy! Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a national chain of pizza restaurants, originally from Brooklyn, New York. This is their first Wisconsin location.

When we walked in to the restaurant, my oldest child immediately noticed the Subway sign across from the door and all the pictures and artwork from New York, as we recently took a family vacation to New York City. It was so fun to reminisce, while taking in the pieces lining the brick walls. She also pointed out that she liked the lights hanging from the ceiling in {wine} bottles.

We were led to our table with coloring pagesGrimald's Pizzeria at The Corners of Brookfield Lake Country Family Fun and crayons for our girls to color and draw. Our friendly waitress then gave us a tour of the menu. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a build-your-own-pizza pizzeria. In addition to meal recommendations, she also gave us drink recommendations.  (I recommend the fresh-made sangria. It tastes like a Jolly Rancher.) Then while we were looking over the menu, the general manager, Michael, offered the girls pizza dough to play with. They had so much creative fun and were thoroughly entertained!

We ordered a large salad to share and an 18 inch pizza.  The “WEDGE” salad, is “a twist on the traditional wedge salad featuring romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese dressing, bacon and gorgonzola crumbles.” All of us enjoyed it, with both girls having second helpings!

Then our pizza arrived. We built our own pizza with a traditional white sauce and four toppings: artichokes, red peppers, onion, and bacon. Yum! The sauce was light, and there was enough toppings to satisfy. Each of the girls had two slices and my husband and I ate the rest – needless to say there was nothing to take home! That’s a sign of a good meal 🙂

Grimaldi's Pizzeria at the Corners of Brookfield

Normally, when the waitress or waiter asks about dessert when we are out to eat, we pass, but when she mentioned Oreo Cookie Cheesecake, both girls’ eyes lit up! Of course we had to try it! Grimaldi’s Pizzeria offers a variety of cheesecakes for dessert as well as tiramisu and cannoli. They also offer a dessert special called the “dessert trio”. It is a sampling of any three desserts that they offer. This sounded like a great compromise.

grimaldi's pizzeria at the Corners

How could we say no to this?! I had the caramel apple cheesecake, while my husband exhibited restraint 😉

Grimaldi's Pizzeria at the Corners of Brookfield

Thank you to the kind woman seated near us who offered to take our picture. What a fun family memory to remember. #everydaykindess

*One more important family tip is that there is a baby changing station in the woman’s bathroom. We ate out quite a bit when we had little ones in diapers, and it was so helpful to know if a restaurant had a place to change a diaper.

If your family loves pizza as much as our family does, check out Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at The Corners of Brookfield! Their grand opening is Friday, November 10.

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria at The Corners
20119 Lord Street, Space J-101, Brookfield | 480-947-7100