Gals Institute, LLC - Empowering our Children for a Brighter Future

Gals Institute, LLC – Empowering our Children for a Brighter Future

Gals Institute, LLC offers more than you know for the community. They empower and help parents raise confident kiddos. AND NO! They are not just for girls. Gals Institute, LLC is for men, women, children, boys and girls! Let us discuss below. 

The Gals Institute, LLC
“We focus on PREVENTION... because we know that small problems can become BIG problems
(and it's always easier to solve small problems.)

We focus on HEALING...
because we know that life is hard, and everyone has challenges, and none of us does it alone.”

What is the Gals Institute, LLC?

I was wondering, too. So I met with Deanna Marincic, who is the founder and owner, back in December 2016. We sat down together at her office in Delafield (right next to Target – how handy!). Let me tell you – this woman is passionate about her clinic and our families that make up our community. Upon entering the lower level office that day, I immediately felt relaxed due to her welcoming personality and to the office’s relaxing teal hues and comfy, inviting couch. She then explained to me that the Gals Institute, LLC is a thriving clinic where families go for prevention programs and building of healthy relationships with themselves and others.
Fast forward to June 2018, and I again had the privilege to sit down with Deanna. She has taken her passion and made amazing action and positive changes in our communities. Plus, she’s moved offices. You’ll still find Gals by Target in Delafield, but she has expanded into a new space with a group room.
Fast forward to April 2019 when my daughter and I attended Gals’ first annual Mother/Daughter luncheon at the Oconomowoc Lake Club. Hearing from Toya Washington and speaking with her afterwards coupled with the passion that Deanna has for our families, made me pause and check my parenting. What’s going on with the “youth of today” starts with what’s going on inside your home; inside my home. I encourage you to check out the services and workshops that Gals offers and if nothing else, just take a moment to reflect on your parenting and relationship with your children, with your significant other, with your children’s relationship with each other. Much love to you all, because this parenting gig, ain’t no joke! Community and support is here for you and me.
Fast forward to February 2020 when ‘mental health’ was added to Lake Country Family Fun’s Top Healthcare Provider vote. Deanna and then therapist Becca Rosecky took second and third most voted mental health professional. Then in March 2020, my meeting with Deanna was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, GALS Institute pivoted. You can read Dee’s perspective from April 2020 HERE.
Full disclosure, I have been a board member of the nonprofit Gals on the Go Project since late 2020. Gals on the Go Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established by Gals Institute.  The project’s mission is to improve the social and emotional well-being of children and adolescents through prevention and resiliency building workshops and other programs.  The fun and interactive workshops focus on topics such as healthy relationships, resiliency building, effective coping strategies, confidence boosting, calming anxiety, and many others.  


Who does the Gals Institute, LLC serve?

Not just girls – do not let their name fool you! The therapy services they offer are for girls AND BOYS. Also, not just teens – they have licensed clinicians trained to provide therapy to children 5 years and up.

What does the Gals Institute do?

So much! Gals Institute, LLC’s mission is to provide prevention and healing for the individual, family, and adolescent. Deanna and the other therapists provide prevention workshops and events focusing on resiliency for adolescents and teens. Specializing in confidence and self-esteem workshops that help young girls build skills to help them in the future. Programs include but are not limited to creating healthy relationships, drug and alcohol prevention and resiliency programs, Anti Bullying programs, I AM…I CAN…I WILL… confidence building program. They provide one and one, marital/couples and group process therapies. They continue to grow in services and with providers to better serve families in our community.

But my children are not yet adolescents; is the Gals Institute, LLC relevant for my family?

Yes! As stated above, they have licensed clinicians to provide therapy to children ages five and up.  Early intervention is very important to promoting resiliency among our children.

So, Gals Institute, LLC, offers workshops and therapy. Anything else?

Yes! There’s more! Check out the Gals on the Go Project. The mission of the Gals on the Go Project is to provide prevention and resiliency building workshops and events to adolescents.

“Programs include but are not limited to creating healthy relationships, drug and alcohol prevention, resiliency programs, Anti Bullying programs, and I AM…I CAN…I WILL… confidence building programs. Gals on the Go Project, Inc. wants every adolescent to have the ability to learn healthy coping and resiliency skills allowing them to become leaders in our community and resilient young adults.”

If you’d like to support the Gals on the Go Project, subscribe to their enewsletter and follow their social media to stay aware of their most recent fundraising activites and workshops and events. My kids have attended their workshops and learned so much that will carry them through life.  

Find more about the Gals on the Go Project here.

What upcoming workshops do they have scheduled?

Find all their upcoming workshops here.
Plus, you can find Gals workshops in our Summer Camp Guide.

If you have any additional questions, want to know more, or would like to meet with Deanna or one of her staff, please contact the them today for a free phone consultation to see how they can help your family.

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