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Amazing Kids Series

There are many amazing things to write about at Lake Country Family Fun, but this one is such an amazing piece to be involved with writing.  We will be highlighting amazing kids in the Lake Country area! The Amazing Kids Series features kids with a wide variety of reasons for being amazing. Maybe they own a business, maybe they’ve fundraised for a charity, maybe they showed kindness, etc.  There are many amazing kids and we need to see more of the positive stories going around!  

You will be able to read the “Feature Kid” in the top section below. Then, follow and read all the stories in the archives anytime!  We will post to social each time we change the feature kid. 

Please note that all stories were provided with full disclosure and approval of the parents. 

GO KIDS!!! You are AMAZING! 

FeatureD KId

Meet Noah, owner of Goats Floats

Awesome kids goats floats
Photo by: Beth Boyke Photography

Q: What is your name and age?
A: Noah Godsell, 17

Q: What is your business?
A: Goats Floats is an ice cream float business that sells unique float flavors at local farmers markets, sporting events, private parties and more. 

Q: What is unique about your business?
A: All of the money that Goats Floats makes goes to an orphanage, called Living Hope International which provides a place to live and go to school for homeless kids in Mexico. Over the past seven years, we have raised close to $15,000 for Living Hope!

Q: How did this business/idea come about?
A: I wanted to start a business after I went to Junior Achievement’s Biz Town in fifth grade. I decided to try to come up with something to sell at the park next to our house and decided on ice cream floats. The next step was to name the business. We started listing things that rhymed with floats and though goat was the best. (But no, they are not made with goats milk!) 

I asked a few friends to help out and we opened for business. It was very thrilling to see that a group of kids could manage to run a business. More and more friends started showing up to help and be part of the business. By the end of that first summer, there were 14 Goats Floats kids pitching in. 

Q: Who/what motivates you? 
A: I’m pretty self motivated, but the satisfaction of helping others kept drawing me back to sell more floats.

Q: Where do you hope it will go?
A: Now that I’m older and needing to work in summer to make money to save for college, I haven’t had as much time for Goats Floats. I’m hoping to find some younger kids that I could pass the torch on to. If we could find motivated kids with a supportive parent, I would be happy to mentor them and help them continue to raise money for Living Hope by selling floats. 

Q. What are your post-high school plans?
A: I’m planning to go to college to study video production. I’m in the application and decision making process now and it’s been nice to have entrepreneurship experience to include on my applications!

Q: What advice do you have for kids your age or younger than you? 
A: If you have any idea, just go for it because when you are younger, that’s when you have the best chance to experiment and try new things. Take advantage of that time. Be yourself and don’t let everyone else around you affect how you act. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to mention about your business or yourself?
A: I never realized how big Goats Floats would become or how it would impact the opportunities I have had. 

If you are intersted in being the kid(s) to take over Goats Floats reach out to Lake Country Family Fun and we’ll put you in touch with Noah!

These kids are Amazing

Meet bernu, Business owner of Roastmore

Amazing Kid Series bernu

Q: What is your name and age?
A: Hello, my name is Bernu Vermeulen and I am 12 years old.

Q: What is your business?
A: I sell coffee. The competitive advantage is that I support three charities. I deliver the coffee straight to your door.  There are 10 different roasts at this time: 3 light (Love, Joy, Peace), 3 medium (Patience, Kindness, Goodness) and 3 dark (Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control) and a decaf (Integrity).

Q: What is unique about your business?
A: I am pretty sure that it’s the only coffee business that’s run by a child and one of a few coffee businesses that deliver the coffee straight to your door. The three Charities we support are the Semper Fi Fund for Marines. The second charity we support is drug-free kids and the last charity we support is the Wildlife In Need organization.

Q: How did this business/idea come about?
A: I’ve always liked the idea of making money and being an entrepreneur. I remember when I was four years old I had a lemonade stand and made $20. Then when I was nine, I sold brownies and got around $50. When I turned ten I started a lawn care service over the summer and made $500. I wanted a passive income and something real that would actually last and make a difference. You see if you want to be a successful business person it is great to start a young. I am also hoping to inspire someone else to start their own business. Sometimes people are scared to fail and they never step out to go after their dreams. Failure is actually a great teacher that can help you become better. I want
kids to know that you don’t have to wait till you are 25 or 40 years old to start doing what you believe in. You can make a difference even when you are young.


Q: Who/what motivates you? 
A: The needs of other people who are dying because they’re thirsty or hungry motivate me. I hate the thought of people having to walk 7 hours a day just to get some water to their family and they can’t go to school because all they do is carry water. It saddens me that kids get involved with drugs and that their lives are destroyed when they have wonderful gifts to make the world a better place. I want to start sparking someone so that they can go out and start their own business to accumulate wealth and distribute it among the people who really need it. I am blessed so greatly so I want to give it back.

Q: What advice do you have for kids your age or younger than you? 
A: The earlier you start the better. Don’t wait until you’re 45 years old in your parent’s basement. Listen to your parents because they know best. Read the Bible. If you don’t want to become an entrepreneur that’s okay, but find the thing you can do to impact the world in a great way. It only costs $8,000 to build a well in Africa, that well might help a hundred people live for 60 more years. Start early. Start running before the race has begun and you will get far ahead.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to mention about your business or yourself?
A: I believe in Jesus and I think God has helped me get in this position and provided me with this unique brain giving me so many opportunities, I just want to give it back. I believe each person was created for a purpose.

To purchase the coffee and support Bernu’s mission go to for delivery in the greater Delafield area or visit the Daybreak Mobil in Delafield. Get yours today and here’s why you should:

  • Convenience – we deliver the coffee to your doorstep in the greater Delafield area
  • Compassion – we donate part of our profit to 3 charities. 
  • Community – we want to encourage face-to-face community over a cup of coffee. Real time. Also, when you buy RoastMore you also support the community and a local business owner.

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Do you know an AMAZING kid?

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  1. I am a Grandmother if 4 boys under the age of 6. I often times in this day and age wonder how to keep the human interventions, kindness, work and perseverance going. This article gave me hope that Noah will inspire other young people to continue doing good in this society and have a little fun!! Thank you Noah for being a good role model for the future of our young adults.
    Best of luck to your future,
    Grandma Phyllis

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