Wisconsin Dells Allergy Friendly Dining Out Restaurant and Food Guide

Allergy Friendly Dining Out Restaurant and Food Guide

Please welcome our guest blogger and team member, Megan P. as she gives us the scoop on food allergies and dining out at restaurants. 

Allergy Friendly Dining Out Restaurant and Food Guide

Food allergies aren’t for the faint of heart. Something as simple as a piece of cake, candy or pizza treat can turn into a life threatening situation for many food allergy sufferers. As a food allergy parent myself, navigating the food allergy waters can be rough to say the least! It isn’t just eating a food that contains the allergen that is concerning for these families. There is so much more that needs to be taken into consideration. Was the food cooked on the same surface as another food containing the person’s allergen? Did the cook use clean utensils? Did the cook or wait staff wash their hands or change their gloves after putting nuts on someone’s salad and then touching your food? These are all forms of cross contamination that may send a food allergic person into a reaction. Possibly even anaphylactic shock, the most severe reaction of all.

With that being said, we like to stick to restaurants that we know practice safe food handling techniques and take great care in preparing food for our family. Our family tends to stick to chain restaurants in which we know their practices and the ingredients they use when we venture outside of our area. When we stay close to home, we have a couple smaller family owned restaurants we like to visit!

So here it goes! In no particular order, your
Allergy Friendly Dining Out Restaurant and Food Guide!

Chain Restaurants


Why we love them:
Culver’s provides allergen info on their website and in store in a brochure. If you have allergen related questions, the staff has always been friendly to us. If the cashier doesn’t know they ask the manager. Culver’s has always been available to answer our questions and guide us appropriately.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Why we love them:
Buffalo Wild Wings is great! They have great food allergy management practices. They have a separate area in the kitchen where they prepare food allergy meals. They use clean utensils for each order. Your specially prepared meal is marked in the kitchen with a flag labeling the allergen of concern. 


Why we love them:
Chipotle has an allergen menu listed on their website. We always love when restaurants include an allergen list! The most exciting part for our family is their site clearly states none of their products contain: mustard, egg, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, shellfish or fish! Call me crazy! That right there makes me want to cry and jump for joy at the same time!

Red Robin

Why we love them:
Red Robin takes great care with food allergy orders. The staff we have encountered are well versed with food allergies and handling. Not to mention we love their online interactive menu! You select your allergens and the menu shows you suitable food options to fit your needs!

MOD Pizza

Why we love them:
Mod Pizza has allergen info listed on their website. Mod Pizza looks out for our
gluten intolerant and milk allergy friends! They offer gluten free crust and even dairy free cheese! The dairy free cheese is a huge bonus for our milk allergy friends! Very few restaurants offer that. Thank you Mod Pizza! Not only does their allergen menu list the allergens in each item, they even go as far to list which items may be processed on shared equipment with any of the top 8 allergens.


Why we love them:
Chili’s has allergen info listed on their website for all their food items. They also denote which items may have a cross contamination risk. Chili’s asks that you notify the manager of the food allergies at your table. This is always comforting to us. The manager typically handles care of the food allergy order, speaking directly to the chef.


Close to Home and Local Restaurant Options

Fork in the Road

215 N. Rochester St., Mukwonago

Why we love them:
Not only is all their food amazing, but they have been great at handling our son’s food allergies when we visit! The wait staff has been great with answering our food allergy questions. They
verify with the chef who is very knowledgeable of the menu allergens. Fork in the Road also offers gluten free options! I must recommend their build your own Mac and Cheese and house salad!

FYI, they offer a gluten free version of their Mac and Cheese! My gluten intolerant friends, you won’t miss out on this one!

Marty’s Pizza

2580 Sun Valley Drive, Delafield and 16630 W.Bluemound Rd.,Brookfield

Why we love them:
The wait staff is friendly and has been able to notify us of possible cross contamination risks. Pizza for our family is a safe option at Marty’s.

Bakery and Baked Goods

Always AOK Bakery 

Why we love them:
Always AOK Bakery goods are always free from egg, peanuts and tree nuts! These are our exact allergens. Always AOK can be found at the Waukesha Farmers Market. From cakes,
cookies, cupcakes and donuts we know we are safe if it comes from Always AOK Bakery!

Wisconsin Dells Trips

Our family loves to take trips to the Wisconsin Dells! Whether we are staying at a Hotel with a water park or just spending a day at Noah’s Ark, our little is bound to be hungry!

Moose Jaw Pizza Company/Little Kickers Buffet / Buffalo Phil’s

Why we love them:
These three restaurants are under the same management company. At each location they have separate allergy menus! We absolutely love this! You tell them your allergens and
they give you a menu outlining safe options for your allergies (may require some additional investigating if you have allergies outside of the top 8 or gluten). If only there were more options like this for the
food allergy community!

Great Wolf Lodge

Why we love them:
Our family hasn’t experienced Great Wolf Lodge personally but it is on our list! The
Great Wolf Lodge franchise has been hailed a gold standard in the food allergy world. It has even been compared to Walt Disney World allergy standards! See  the article HERE

Food Allergy Websites and Apps

Allergy Eats 

Why we love them:
Allergy Eats provides helpful articles but also has an app! When you are vacationing or away from home, just access the Allergy Eats app. There are lists of allergy friendly restaurants for whatever area you may be in. There are reviews left by others from the allergy community about their experiences.

Snack Safely Guide

Why we love them:
Snack Safely has articles, but is also a great resource to find snacks safe from your allergen. This is a great place to start if you are new to the food allergy world!

As always, follow the allergy standards that work best for your food allergy. When eating out, make sure staff is aware of your allergies and needs. Always ask questions and make sure you get clear concise answers. Always carry your epi and follow your allergy plan outlined by your allergist. This guide outlines establishments that use safe practices regarding our personal allergens. The food allergy world may seem daunting at times but this I know, food allergy parents, you got this!

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