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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Waukesha County’s 1st Adventure Park

If you didn’t notice (it’s hard to miss, right off of 94), the Gander Mountain emtpy building has been turned into an awesome Adventure Park, in fact Waukesha County’s 1st, called Urban Air.  Urban Air has been around for many years and there are locations in Madison and Appleton already.  Lake Country Family Fun is all about family fun and therefore, super excited to welcome Urban Air to Waukesha County & Lake Country.

Urban Air Milwaukee West opened in July of 2020 and Lake Country Family Fun got a private tour!  We spent two hours in the park trying out the attractions and learning (so much) about what makes Urban Air unique, safe, clean and most of all FUN!  Read on for lots of information about Urban Air, but also we will highlight 10 things you didn’t know about Urban Air {and they are pretty cool things}!

Lake Country Family Fun trying out the Sky Rider at Urban Air

10 Things You Didnt Know about Urban Air

 1. Comfort + Healthy Options in the Urban Cafe

The Urban Cafe is huge and has your typical comfort food offerings (nachos, pizza, etc), but they also offer healthy options (veggies and dip) and Gluten Free options (Gluten Free crust, anyone?)  BONUS: All ordering can be done using the contactless system. QR codes are on the wall, just scan on your phone!

Urban Air Urban Cafe

2. Tech Bars for Parents to Work + Watch

Throughout the building, there are tech bars and spaces for parents to watch their kids.  There are outlets with USB ports in them, purse hooks, and Free WIFI throughout the building.  BONUS: Rent a room and enjoy their Work + Fly package where you can work and school age kids can play!

Urban Air Work and Play

3.  It’s HUGE, like REALLY Big 

The Go-Kart track alone is the longest indoor track in the STATE.  (It’s longer than the one in the dells by 196 feet). The building is 72,000 square feet of fun! BONUS: There is so much room to spread out and space out!

4. It’s Clean + You’ll Hear the “Cleaning Song”

Urban Air is commited to cleanliness all the time, but during this time of COVID they are taking even more precautions:

    • The building capacity is limted.
    • Masks are required at all times indoors
    • Fogging machines are used to clean at least 2 x per week
    • Throughout the day a “cleaning song” is played and that alerts the staff that it’s time to clean down, use sanitzer and stop to clean.  
    • Harnesses are cleaned after EACH use.
    • The Go-Karts and Bumper Cars and cleaned after each use.
    • BONUS: The restrooms employ touchless and paperless technology. Each cleaning station has a trifecta of touchless soap, touchless water and touchless air.  

5. Urban Loft

Parents get an amazing bird’s – eye view of the entire building. It’s a great place for parents to “perch” and be able to keep an eye on their little birdies. There are 360 degree views that look over the vast space.  BONUS: There are tech bars and stations in the loft overlooking the play areas.

6. Urban Patio

The Urban Patio is a 6,000 square foot area on the south side of the building.  Adults who purchase a beer or wine will have their wristband cut because Urban Air doesn’t allow the mixing of alcohol and the physical activites.  BONUS: You can rent this space for a family gathering, corporate event, baby shower or more. Extra Bonus: For a gender reveal, the staff can have the Go-Kart finish line lights light up at the end of a race with PINK or REVEAL for a one-of-a-kind reveal.

7. Field Trips + Team Building (Adults too!)

Adults can enjoy in the fun too!  Even better, Urban Air offers two awesome programs for field trips and corporate events:

    • STEAM Field Trips: Urban Air incorporates STEAM and team building for field trips.
    • Team Building: Urban Air has a team building program for teams. It even includes some blind folded team-time on the high ropes course!
    • BONUS: Homeschooling families can get PE credit for play here!

You Can contact Michelle for more details on booking these types of events.

8. Adventure times for Toddlers 

On Friday Mornings from 10-12, little ones can play without the Big Kids around. It is called Jumperoo.  BONUS: There is also a dedicated sensory time on Sunday mornings with the lights down and sounds off.  Additionally, the building has full ADA capabilities.

9. Safety is #1 (well, in our list it’s 9, but at Urban Air it’s #1)

  • Urban Air employees must take and pass Safety Harness training and certifications.
  • The Harnesses are put on only by certified staff.
  • Height is checked at multiple check points.
  • Daily safety checks 
  • Harness logs are sent in daily.  
  • There is only 1 entrance and 1 exit in the building and it is staffed.
  • So much more, read more here

Urban Air Climbing Wall

10. SO. MUCH. TO. DO.

With 72,000 square feet of fun, there is so much to do.  There are:

      • 11 Climbing Walls in the climbing area (harness required)
      • Bumper cars (called the Flip/Spin zone)
      • A high ropes course (harness required)
      • The SKY Rider (harness required)
      • Go Kart Track that is bi-level and Wisconsin’s longest indoor
      • Trampoline Area (so many trampolines)
        • Individual Trick Track
        • Slam Dunk
        • Battle Beam – (aka couples therapy)
        • Wipeout (fun family activity)
        • more
    • 4 Lanes of Difficulty in the Warrior Course
    • Volcano & Slide (good for younger kids)
    • Soft Playground (52″ tall and under) 

Before you head

 – Wear comfy clothes
– Don’t come if you are sick or feeling ill
– Plan on waits at peak times (especially with social distancing spacing & cleaning procedures)
– Understand there are height requirements.

Arrival Procedures

Sign waiver on the screen
Pay & get wristband
$2.99 Urban Air socks (you can keep and reuse). No personal socks allowed.

Urban Air Checking in

Our Experience

My son Quinton who is 8 years old tested out the park for 2 hours during a non-peak time.  Let me tell you two hours was not enough, he was super sad to leave and had so many more things he wanted to do and redo!  

I think it’s always best to hear from the kids themselves.  Here’s what he had to say:

"It was amazing. It was awesome! The Sky Rider was my favorite! I can't wait to go again. I want my birthday there. When can we go back?"

From a moms perspective, there were so many things I liked about Urban Air.  For one, I liked that even though he was in a mask (which didn’t bother him at all), he was playing his heart out and feeling more normal than we have in a while.  I also liked how spaced out everything was.  Let me tell you, this place is MASSIVE!  Even with more people in the building, it wouldn’t feel crowded.  You can really tell that safety and cleanliness are key to the staff. The staff is also super friendly and helpful too!  I liked that multiple safety checks are built in to their processes.  I liked the contactless payment options and spaces for me to work and watch over the kids (I can see myself going back too with my laptop)!  I am excited to bring my 2 year old to the Jumperoo time on Friday mornings while my older boys are at school.  Waukesha County definately got a big boost with this awesome and established business in town.  

Have Your Birthday or Event Here

There are 12 party rooms and 10 party zones available for rent. The rooms can also be rented for things other than birthday parties. Right now room space is limited due to COVID. Rooms can only hold 20 people, but two conjoined rooms can be rented that fit 40. Birthday parties at Urban Air are perfect for children, teens and adults! Urban Air handles everything, party balloons, plates, napkins and forks wich makes the party STRESS FREE!


Urban Air Party Room

Don’t forget the field trips, corporate events, youth events and team building programs!  Urban Patio for your next gathering/event.

Memberships Pay off Big Time

Pricing for daily passes are:

  • Platinum Pass $42.99
    • Unlimited Go-Karts, Flip Zone, Spin Zone + Ultimate Access
  • Ultimate Pass $29.00
    • Sky Rider, Ropes Course, Climbing Walls + Deluxe Access
  • Deluxe Pass $24.99
    • Tubes Playground, Drop Zone, Wipeout, Warrior Course, Pro Zone, Battle Beam + Basic Access
  • Basic Pass $17.99
    • Basic Trampolines Only
  • Parent Pass: 50% off
  • 5 & Under: $11.99

Pricing for the Endless Play Membership can be found on their website.

Contact Info

Urban Air Milwaukee West
2440 E Moreland Blvd
Waukesha, WI 53186
Follow them on Facebook!

Mon:11:00AM to 7:00PM
Tue:11:00AM to 7:00PM
Wed:11:00AM to 7:00PM
Thu:11:00AM to 7:00PM
Fri:11:00AM to 9:00PM
Sat:11:00AM to 9:00PM
Sun:11:00AM to 7:00PM


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