St. Nicks Day

Moving here from the East Coast, I was certainly thrown for a loop when December 6th came around for the first time after moving here.  My husband is a native Wisconsinite, so the tradition of St. Nick’s would eventually be kept on in our house.  We didn’t celebrate it our first year of moving here as I was due to go into labor with our first child at anytime.  So I never really learned much about it until our third year here as our oldest was finally old enough to get excited about finding treats in his stocking.

Our third December 6th in Wisconsin was by far the most memorable one I have ever had, and no St. Nick gift has ever topped what I found in my stocking that morning!  The tradition holds that coins, candy or small trinkets be placed in stockings, socks or shoes depending on what each family does.  My husband usually bolts our the door every morning for work so it was odd that he was waking me up to check my stocking.  So I head over, with sleep still in my eyes and look inside and I see what every girl wants to see.  A small black box.  I was getting proposed to!!!  I was elated, and obviously I said yes.  That is why I will never get another St. Nick’s present as great as that one in 2008!

I hope your kids enjoy this tradition, and parents don’t forget that St. Nick comes on December 6th (so the stockings need to be filled in the evening on the 5th).