How To Get FREE LEGOs Every Month!!!

Are your children as obsessed with LEGO toys as much as mine are? I personally love it. LEGOs are amazing STEM skill building toys. We have SO many LEGOs in our house. Even though there are amazingly funny memes about how painful it is to step on a LEGO (it truly is), they are actually the only toy I let ‘live’ in our living room. The kids play with them nearly every day after school, making new creation after new creation from their imagination (We also love all the LEGO movies, so major fans of being ‘master builders’ over here, too ūüėČ.) We just have a rule about after done playing, no loose LEGOS can be on the floor, because, well, the pain!!¬†

Did you know that there is a LEGO store at Mayfair Mall that offers promotions for free LEGOs every month? 

There is. 

While, in the past, the deal was sweeter, they still do run promotions every month to get free LEGOS. View current promotions and events HERE.

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There really is no catch, your child needs to be between 6 and 14 to participate.  You need to complete the build in the store, and they are no longer taking walk ups as was the policy prior.  Usually the Mini Build events are the first Tuesday of the month.

From the LEGO website.

Due to safety and build experience standards, builders must be between the ages of 6-14 to participate. The mini model must be completely built in store. Registration is on a first come first serve basis and quantities are limited. Stores will no longer accept walk ups on the night of the event.

You can learn how to build a cool mini model, and take it home ‚Äď for free! Quantities are limited and offer is good while supplies last only. Models are not for sale and cannot be purchased.

To register for the build you just sign up at the link on their website, it is pretty straight forward, and your kids will thank you for being the coolest parent ever!

Past example of Mini Builds offered, please  note each month the build changes and what is offered will be different than shown.


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