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Coping With the Last Few Weeks of Winter

Let’s all just take a minute to think about the fact that we’re almost to March… and with that comes spring. Oh spring, glorious spring, filled with fresh smells, rainstorms instead of freezing ice, flowers, signs of new life and air that doesn’t freeze your face. It’s pretty easy for me to get ahead of myself while I’m waiting for all of the above. It always happens… picture this: It’s about mid to late February and we get a slightly warm snap. I’m talking 50-60 degrees – hello, in Wisconsin, 50’s in February is basically patio weather. I immediately banish my boots and jackets and prematurely pull out my flip-flops. I run to get my fresh pedicure and expose my naked toes to still very cold weather, but who cares!? It’s 50 degrees! I should know better, because I fall victim to this same stir-crazy mentality every. single. year.

This past weekend is exactly what I’m talking about. How amazing was the warm air, spending time outside and feeling the sunshine on our faces? We spent as much time enjoying it as possible and it’s hard to imagine going back to cold, but guess what? Inevitably, we’re in for some more below freezing temperatures.

So… the real question is – how do we cope with our brains wanting it to be spring, but Mother Nature saying – haha, you suckers… 6 more weeks of winter! I’m trying my best to not get my hopes up as I sit here enjoying the warm sun on my face… but I decided on a few ways to cope with the struggle during these next few weeks.

Open Up

Crack those windows and let the fresh air blow in! There is nothing better than deeply breathing in air that’s a little bit warmer than usual. It’s good for your soul and your home! We close ourselves off for months and regardless of the amount of cleaning we do – it’s bound to be dusty and stuffy after a long winter. 

Embrace the warmer weather without going way over the edge

Don’t be like me and jump right into your flip-flops. (Or do, and suffer the consequences!) Try to realize that it takes time for the warm to stick around and that it’s important to have patience. Another thing I wanted to do was haul out our patio furniture, and I almost did… but then I reminded myself that if it does snow again – we could risk damaging it and that’s just not smart 😉

Prepare – slowly

My biggest piece of advice is getting a jump-start on Spring-cleaning now. Take it room by room and enjoy the process because we still have plenty of time. That way, once the truly nice weather is here, you won’t be stuck inside cleaning (or worse yet, avoiding it all together, and letting the dust collect).

Enjoy layering

In my opinion, one of the best times of year is “layering season”. Give me all the cozy sweaters and scarves, because you can never have too many! A lightweight scarf is the perfect way to accessorize during the in-between weather days PLUS they’re inexpensive. Lastly, spring jackets are so versatile and can dress an outfit up or keep it casual. It’s all about comfort and dressing for any weather – because spring is so unpredictable!

Get the pedicure

I treated myself to a pedicure last weekend after a long few months of naked toes tucked tightly in my boots. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately, and I’ll be honest and tell you that wow, I NEEDED that polish. Plus it felt wonderful to have a little pampering and me time.

What are you doing to keep busy these next few weeks? Have you gone into full-on spring mode already, or are you holding back and being selective about the transition? Here’s hoping Mother Nature is kind to us and brings us an early spring!


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