Adoption Update – January 2017

Update on my ‘December 24th’ Prayer

Remember in my first article I wrote about how I was praying for a December 24th birth day for our new baby?  Well, I’m thinking I should have specified the YEAR in my prayers – ha!

December 24th has come and gone. It’s now 2017.  We’ve been in the wait since July 5th.  That’s over half a year…still no call from our adoption agency about a match.  Actually, I get TONS of calls every day. And each time, it is not our adoption agency.  And each time, it’s hard.

When Our Adoption Profile Goes Out

We do get monthly updates from our agency, which is nice.  They summarize the amount of times our profile went out to birth parents and the amount of times our website profile was viewed. Our profile was sent to birth parents 7 times in December, 6 in November, and 6 in October.  Our website profile was viewed about 60 times per month.

After birth parents receive our profile via the mail, several things can happen. Sometimes they end up choosing a different family. Sometimes they end up choosing no one and parent. Other times they go with a different adoption agency.  And even sometimes they hold onto the profiles for months before deciding.

This Fall was Rough

The wait can be hard.  But I trust God’s timing. This fall was rough for our family. Without getting into too much detail, my husband had an injury that kept him sidelined most of the fall.  He is on the healing path now, but having a baby this fall would have been a real struggle.

So now, we are feeling really ready. Al is feeling better, Christmas is put away, the house is clean and organized (for today at least), and we are eager.  However, no matter how ready we feel, the timing is not up to us.  It is hard, but that’s OK. If we were trying to get pregnant biologically, that timing wouldn’t be guaranteed either, right!?

Stay Tuned

So thank you for sticking with us through the wait. We will keep updates going. I’m excited to get to the time when we do get “the call” and you all can come along with us for the ride!  But until then, life goes on and we are where we are meant to be in life for a reason.  And we are going to enjoy where we are because life is too short not to!

We’ve created a central location for our adoption posts. You can view them all here.

Cheers to 2017,

The Cutlers

2 thoughts on “Adoption Update – January 2017”

  1. Hi – we also created our family through adoption. I sooo feel for you and your family. I know how hard the waiting can be. I am sure you have heard recommendations from many…but, I wanted to share our experience in case it might help you match a little sooner!
    We worked with A Step Ahead, an amazing adoption consulting firm out of Denver, CO that is owned by an adoptive mom and all employees are either adoptive mothers or adoptees. They have built a national network of agencies in adoptive friendly states (vs just limiting your search to one agency). I know it sounds a little weird to use a “consultant” but, they helped us through the entire process and they were able to provide us many cases….allowing us to match and meet our newborn in less than a year, including the time for the home study. At the time of our daughters adoption this was the average timeframe for this agency.
    You still need to work with an agency here in WI for the home study, home visits and finalizing of the adoption. They are not outrageously expensive IMO and they work with all different financial ranges.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your kind words. We know we haven’t been in the wait long (especially as long as some others), but it doesn’t make it easier, you know? I was ok with it taking longer (than our previous 2 adoptions), but now I’m like it can happen any time now 😉 Maybe I will look into your consultant resource when our contract is up in January of 2018. Thanks for the info! God’s blessings on your family.

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