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Planetarium Programs – Waukesha

November 5 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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An event every week that begins at 11:00 am on Wednesday, repeating until December 21, 2022

One event on September 3, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on September 10, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on September 24, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on October 1, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on October 8, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on October 15, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on October 22, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on October 29, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on November 5, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on November 12, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on November 19, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on November 26, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on December 27, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on December 28, 2022 at 11:00 am

One event on December 29, 2022 at 11:00 am

$4 – $5
Planetarium Programs Earth Week Finale

Come to the Planetarium Programs in Waukesha this fall and winter 2022!

The Horwitz DeRemer Planetarium is located at the Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha.


All shows are held at the Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium located inside the Retzer Environmental Learning Center. Private show reservations are available for community groups, private parties, corporate events, or scout groups. If seats are available you can purchase them up to the time of the show. For more information or to register a group, call 262-970-4139. 

Show trailers are available at http://sdwone.us/planetarium. 

Tickets are available at https://hdplanetarium.ticketleap.com. 

Planetarium Programs September Schedule:

  • Wednesday 9/7 11:00am Forward! To the Moon $4.00 per person
      • Kari Byron from “Crash Test World” and “MythBusters” launches us on a journey beyond the Earth
        towards a sustainable future in space.
        NASA’s 21st century Artemis program, named after the Greek moon Goddess and twin of Apollo, is
        the next step in our mission to explore the universe and land the first woman and person of color on
        the surface of the Moon.
  • Wednesday 9/14 11:00am On the Blue Planet $4.00 per person
      • The Earth is just one of the planets orbiting the Sun, but the only one where conditions are just right
        to support life. Explore the remarkable variety of life on Earth. How long has the Earth existed and
        what are the conditions that make it suitable for sustaining life? Why do penguins live in Antarctica
        and lions in Africa? Why do cedars grow in the tundra and vines in the jungle? This trip around the
        blue planet will help to answer these, and many more questions, about our unique and wonderful
  • Wednesday 9/21 11:00am Cleopatra’s Universe $4.00 per person
      • Explore the truths and mysteries of Egypt’s legendary queen Cleopatra. Experience the life and
        times of Cleopatra in dramatic fashion as your audiences travel back in time to see stunning re-
        creations of the Alexandria Library, Cleopatra’s Palace, and the Pharos Lighthouse- one of the seven
        wonders of the ancient world.
  • Wednesday 9/28 11:00am One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure $4.00 per person
      • Explore the night sky with our friends from Sesame Street™. Join Big Bird, Elmo, and Hu Hu Zhu as
        they take a trip to the Moon. See how the Moon is different from the Earth and learn how to find the
        Big Dipper and North Star from your backyard.


September 3, 10, 24 11:00am The Little Star that Could $5.00 per person
September 3, 10, 24 1:00pm Sunstruck $5.00 per person
September 17 9am to 3pm (Show begins every 30 min) Retzer Nature Center Apple Harvest Fest Featured Presentation: Beyond the Sun $3.00 per person

Planetarium Programs October Schedule:

  • Wednesday 10/5 11:00am A-Z Astronomy: From 3 to 103! $4.00 per person
      • Explore the depths of space in a wild ride through the universe!
        Appealing to all ages, this family romp through the galaxies includes a roller coaster ride on our huge
        dome, a strange stop at a black hole by Mr. Shakespeare, a talking letter with a jelly-bean universe,
        and a trip to Egypt to explore hieroglyphs- the origins of our letters.
        Don’t miss any of our out-of-this-world ABC adventures!  From the aurora to the zodiac, the alphabet
        voyage will leave you spinning for more.
  • Wednesday 10/12 11:00am Dynamic Earth $4.00 per person
      • Dynamic Earth is a high resolution full-dome production, narrated by actor Liam Neeson. The show
        explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. With visualizations based on satellite
        monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail
        of energy that flows from the Sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the
        atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere. Audiences will ride along on swirling ocean and wind
        currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face-to-face with sharks and gigantic
        whales, and fly into roiling volcanoes.
  • Wednesday 10/19 11:00am Spooky Space $4.00 per person
      • Would you like to meet the stars of Halloween? Monsters, zombies, ghosts and their far more terrible
        counterparts in space? Oh yes, space has its monsters: black holes, zombie stars, and spectacular
        ghostly nebulae!
  • Wednesday 10/26 11:00am Star Signs $4.00 per person
      • The astrological signs take their names from the star patterns people found long ago in a sky they
        considered sacred and influential in the affairs of Earth. Although we see things differently today, we
        can still go outside and find these patterns in a sky filled with signs and stories of our own making.
        And those stars can still guide us, not from the pages of a newspaper, but in real ways that can link
        us with the past and lead us to the stars.


October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 11:00am Spooky Space $5.00 per person

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 1:00pm Space Aliens: Looking for Life in our Universe $5.00 per person

Planetarium Programs November Schedule:

  • Wednesday 11/2 11:00am Max Goes to the Moon $4.00 per person
      • Max (the dog) and a young girl named Tori take the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era.  Along
        the way, the story sets the stage for the more sophisticated science of the Big Kid Box sidebars,
        which cover topics including Phases of the Moon, Wings in Space, and Frisbees and CurveBalls
        of the Moon- all thoughtfully explained so that grownups and children can learn together about
        science.  Toward the end, Max and Tori's trip proves so inspiring to people back on Earth that all the
        nations of the world come together to build a great Moon colony from which the beautiful views of
        Earth from the Moon made everyone realize that we all share a small and precious planet.
  • Wednesday 11/9 11:00am Sunset Meditation $4.00 per person
      • How do STEM workers, including NASA professionals, cope with stress?  Exercise is one way.  Physical activity and fitness has been discussed in many NASA outreach efforts.  However, outreach efforts regarding other branches of health:  emotional, psychological, and social well-being are lacking.  Given that jobs come with stress, a global understanding of the science of stress and learning a healthy way to cope with it helps with the wellbeing of employees, job productivity, employee retention, etc. Meditation is a powerful tool for maintaining psychological health and resilience.
        In an effort to improve mental health and resilience to our community members, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium has this amazing planetarium where you can view an amazing sunset as you travel from the Grand Canyon to the North Pole.  Then relax under a night sky filled with stars- and even glimpses of the Northern Lights.
  • Wednesday 11/16 11:00am DinoSoars! Change Over Time $4.00 per person
      • Perhaps the most astounding discovery about dinosaurs is that they are still around today – and not
        just in the movies. Birds are living dinosaurs! Follow the story of Malkia, a museum paleontologist, as
        she explores fascinating connections between birds and dinosaurs.
  • Wednesday 11/23 11:00am Our Place in Space $4.00 per person
      • This award-winning children’s planetarium show introduces jungle animals and a space crossword
        puzzle to explore the wonders of the universe. This program will inspire your young astronomer to
        appreciate the beauty of the night sky.
  • Wednesday 11/30 11:00am Khrumka’s Adventures in the Winter Forest $4.00 per person
      • On their way through the fairy tale winter forest, little Khrumka and his friends watch the Northern
        Lights, witness the flight of an asteroid, and admire the constellations of the winter sky.  Thrilling
        rides, magic and surprises await them on their fantastic fulldome journey.


November 5 11:00am, 12:00pm & 1:00pm Retzer Nature Center Science Fest Featured Presentation: Forward! To the Moon $5.00 per person

November 12, 19, 26 11:00am One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure $5.00 per person

November 12, 19, 26 1:00pm Sky Tellers: The Myths, The Magic & The Mysteries

Planetarium Programs December Schedule:

  • Wednesday 12/7 11:00am Constellations: Adventures Connecting Earth to Sky $4.00 per person
      • This program will circle the globe and bring these rich and engaging sky legends to life. It will explore
        how constellations helped organize the sky and tell time. Audiences will depart the Earth—witnessing
        how constellations change when traveling through the galaxy. Visitors will also marvel at how we also
        create wild pictures from the Moon and distant nebulae. Discover all the inspiring imaginations in the
  • Wednesday 12/7 7:00pm Season of Light $5.00 per person
      • Light up the cold dark season with a warm and bright holiday show!
        Season of Light explores the reasons humans are so fascinated with lighting up our lives during the
        December holiday season.
        This very popular show is an exploration of the astronomical meanings behind seasonal traditions,
        including the “Star over Bethlehem”.
  • Wednesday 12/14 11:00am George & Oatmeal Save Santa $4.00 per person
      • Santa Claus is missing! Mrs. Claus is worried and asks Oatmeal the snowman to help find him. Join
        Oatmeal and his friend, George, the planetarium wizard, as they travel the world in search of Santa.
        Along the way they are told constellation stories from many cultures and how to use the stars of the
        Big Dipper to find north. This show is particularly appropriate for young children and their families.
  • Wednesday 12/14 7:00pm Season of Light $5.00 per person
  • Wednesday 12/21 11:00am Season of Light $4.00 per person
  • Wednesday 12/21 7:00pm Season of Light $5.00 per person
  • Tuesday 12/27 11:00am George & Oatmeal Save Santa $4.00 per person
  • Tuesday 12/27 1:00pm Mystery of the Christmas Star $4.00 per person
      • Journey back over 2000 years to Bethlehem as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the
        star the wise men followed to find the baby Jesus.  This modern retelling of the Christmas story is
        sure to charm and captivate audiences of all ages.
  • Wednesday 12/28 11:00am One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure $4.00 per person
  • Wednesday 12/28 1:00pm Season of Light $4.00 per person
  • Thursday 12/29 11:00am Khrumka’s Adventure in the Winter Forest $4.00 per person
      • On their way through the fairy tale winter forest, little Khrumka and his friends watch the Northern
        Lights, witness the flight of an asteroid, and admire the constellations of the winter sky.  Thrilling
        rides, magic and surprises await them on their fantastic fulldome journey.
  • Thursday 12/29 1:00pm Stars of the Pharaohs $4.00 per person
      • Travel to ancient Egypt to see how science was used to tell time, make a workable calendar, and
        align huge buildings.
        You’ll learn about the connection the ancient Egyptians felt with the stars and various astronomical
        phenomena, and experience some of the most spectacular temples and tombs of the ancient world
        recreated in all of their original splendor.


December 3, 10, 17 11:00am Khrumka’s Adventure in the Winter Forest $5.00 per person

December 3, 10, 17 1:00pm Mystery of the Christmas Star $5.00 per person

Find additional programs here.


About the Horwitz DeRemer Planetarium:

The Charles Horwitz Planetarium opened in May 2005.  The state-of-the-art, 90-seat, Digistar-6 planetarium is owned and operated by the School District of Waukesha. With the new, high-definition laser projection system, guests can fly through the rings of Saturn, land spacecraft on Mars and travel at light speed to stars and distant galaxies… all without leaving their seats!

In the Spring of 2018, the planetarium was renamed: Horwitz DeRemer Planetarium after David A. DeRemer, who was the director of the planetarium from 1978 to 2018.

The planetarium is not only an accurate day and night sky projection system, but the program serves as a district and community science resource center. School and community programs are designed to meet state and national astronomy standards, but these programs also present fundamental science concepts of weather, climate, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

The entrance to the planetarium, lobby area, and the theater are completely wheelchair accessible.
Expand your experience by enjoying the Retzer Nature Center facilities and grounds!


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November 5
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
$4 – $5
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