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Winter Gear for Outside and Inside Fun

Winter is in full swing, and with the snow and ice – come plenty of essentials for the kiddos, right?! Being a first-time mom, I’ve relied heavily on friends and family for advice on what those “must-have items” are, and which to skip. Over the past ten months, we’ve done a lot of trial and error on what works and what doesn’t so I thought it would be fun to put a list together that may help out a little bit for anyone wondering. Below are my go-to winter gear must haves for our 10 month old, plus I included some that we used when Dane was first born last March too. Note: these are just what have worked for us, and I know there are other really great options out there too!

Travel and Outside Use:

  1. Winter Hat – and obviously we went with our favorite sports team. Stylish and warm!
  2. Easy On and Off Winter Jacket – I splurged on this adorable reversible jacket for Dane (Cyber Monday is amazing for deals on baby clothes and I was able to snag this at half-price) The best part about this is that you can get him into it by yourself. It’s not complicated and he usually doesn’t squirm too much. With the hood up, it’s plenty warm for a quick trip, but you can also pop a hat on too!
  3. Mittens – let’s be honest about mittens, they don’t stay on very long. Typically we just throw a blanket over him in the car seat and he stays toasty warm. If we are going for a walk or to an outdoor event though, mittens are important to have.
  4. Warm Fuzzy Shoes: I got these as a shower gift and thought maybe the price was a little bit too much for a baby… but let me tell you – we got our WEAR out of these. The soft soles were perfect for our early walker, and they were warm, fuzzy and so easy to slip on and off. Worth the money!
  5. Snow Suit: We haven’t gotten a ton of use out of this yet this year because of the lack of snow, but we’re looking forward to it soon!
  6. Car seat Cover: This came in so handy when Dane was little. It was perfect for the car, and also a stroll around the neighborhood when it was chilly. These secure right into the car seat and are SO soft and warm – I wish they made them in adult sizes – I would never come out of hibernation!

Staying Warm and Cozy Inside:

  1. Cozy Pajamas – Okay, I could link to hundreds of cozy pajamas to keep your kiddos warm during cold winter months but in our house, we stick to the basics. My favorites have zippers (to reiterate: NO SNAPS. Snaps are incredibly frustrating with Mr. Squirmy) for easy on and off because our little one prefers to run around naked most of the time – anyone else’s kids? You’d swear he was allergic to clothes or something, the way he protests. (Insert eye rolling emoji here)
  2. Flannel Sheets – this one is a no brainer. Soft, Warm, Snuggly. Enough said.
  3. Boogie Wipes, Saline Spray and our beloved NoseFrida– It seems that Dane has a perpetually runny nose, resulting chapped skin. If he even hears us grabbing for one of these wipes he waddles away so fast, it’s like a flash of light. Needless to say he hates it, but it’s a necessary evil and he always feels better after we take care of business.
  4. Aveeno Soothing Relief Lotion – There are SO many to choose from, but I use Aveeno products myself and thought I would try this one. His poor little cheeks get so chapped (combo of cold weather, and excessive drool from teething). This stuff works wonders and is so gentle on his skin. We take it with us everywhere!
  5. Humidifier – This little gem is great for all over the house and has benefits for everyone, not just the baby! We use this when the air is particularly dry and it seems to help with his congestion. But, a word to the wise – make sure to clean this out properly because it can grow some pretty yucky stuff if you don’t take care of it.

Now – a special one for us moms. (It has nothing to do with winter, but hey – why not throw it in!?) It’s a bit of a splurge piece, but I think it’s worth every penny. I received this diaper bag backpack for Christmas and I could not love it more. Now that we don’t need to pack 10 backup outfits and tons of extra diapers when we run errands, I realized the need for something smaller and easier to transport than my normal diaper bag. This is everything I wanted and more – it’s completely lined with water resistant material, has lots of pockets AND a piece that folds out for on-the-go diaper changes. Not to mention it’s fashionable and easy to carry… I’m in love!

What are your must have products for winter fun? I can’t wait until Dane is a little older and can really play in the snow. He certainly loves watching it fall and even catching snowflakes on his tongue – so cute!

I hope you have a fabulous rest of your week!


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