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Weekend Guide, August 28-30

Who is looking for things to do this weekend? Are you wondering what events are happening near your family or what’s open to do? Lake Country Family Fun has done the research so you don’t have to! We love seeing families outdoors in the fresh air where we can enjoy these natural resources and still be socially distant from our neighbors. So, if you’re looking for outdoor family fun weekend things to do – you’re in the right spot with the Lake Country Family Fun Weekend Guide!

No matter how you are enjoying the 2020 summer, take a few minutes to breath in the fresh air, check out some green space or local waterway, and see the world through the eyes of your child for a minute. Children have the uncanny ability to see the wonder in anything. Let’s bring back that spark of wonder and curiosity as we enjoy this weekend with our kiddos. 

The Lake Country Family Fun weekend guide is filled with weekend things to do for you and your family this final August weekend. See below. ⤵️


What to expect this weekend – Friday’s storms will give way to much cooler temps (70s) and sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday.  So, lots of families are looking for ways to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. 🌞💦

  • Will your family find itself out on the lake one or more of the days this weekend?
      • Many lakes have areas to stick your feet in and splash around {non beaches}
      • Note that Nomad Board Sports/Panga has closed the launch for the weekend/rest of summer 2020.
      • When boating on any lakes and taking a boat on and off of different lakes, it is imperative to ensure that the boat is being properly cleaned so no invasive species are being carried from lake to lake. We all love our beautiful lakes. Let’s keep them beautiful! 💦
  • Waukesha has 12 local beaches that are open!
  • Many pools are closed for the summer, but a couple public pools are open. 
      • The Hartford Pool closes on Sunday, August 30 for the season! 
      • We just visited the Hartford Pool on Monday, August 17 – it was so fun! It wasn’t busy at all either. 
  • The Hartland Splash Pad is open as well as the Sussex Splash Pad!
  • Try a new ice cream spot. We have 18 yummy places to visit
  • Take a kayak ride and dip in the lake/river to cool off!
      • Paddleboarding is another great way to enjoy our lakes and rivers – just watch out for super shallow waters and your fin!
      • Which do you prefer? Kayak or Paddleboard? Join the conversation.

There are many more ways to have family fun this weekend.  Lake Country Family Fun has so many great ideas for what to do this weekend to keep you entertained while physically distant. 

Try out these family fun ideas and suggestions: 

More fun ideas to brighten your weekend:

Also, if you are looking for things to do this weekend with your family check out our events calendar, featuring virtual and COVID-19 friendly in-person events. 

There is a lot of unrest in Wisconsin right now between racial injustice issues and what fall school will look like.  Local Black mother, Ashley, from Waukesha has been sharing so many ideas and resources with us via Instagram stories regarding raising socially conscious children. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Ashley! In fact, Ashley took over the Lake Country Family Fun Instagram on Tuesday, July 14 {link above}. We are listening and learning. Additionally, Lake Country Family Fun team member Shweta has written this article on acceptance

We are actively doing our part to make Lake Country Family Fun and the communities we live in, healthy and safe for Black families and all families. If you’d like to contact us to share your story or be involved in Lake Country Family Fun, please contact us through the contact form below.

Lastly, as always, I say, breathe. I have said it multiple times now in weekend guides, social media posts and our e-newsletters, and I will continue to say it, because it’s something I remind myself daily. When I feel the overwhelm creeping in, when I feel the uncertainty settling in, when I feel unsure of the next move…I stop and breathe. 

So, we want to see all your weekend fun! Turn these lemons into lemonade🍋 Be sure to tag @lakecountryfamilyfun in your weekend fun, your activities, your survival strategies, and we’ll be sure to share in our Facebook or IG stories. Thank you to the many who tagged us last weekend!  🤗🥰

Weekend Weather from the National Weather Service:
Friday: Thunderstorms (80%) 82 ⛈️
Saturday: Mostly Sunny 75 🌞
Sunday: Mostly Sunny 74 🌞

Please thank our weekend guide sponsor:

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  • Looking for connection?
      • When it gets cold, or the government mandates that we all become socially distant (it’s actually physically distant – not socially distant), people tend to hibernate in their homes, and hibernation can lead to isolation. Please reach out! Please build a group of moms you can call in a pinch. And never hesitate to send an email or private message or comment below to us at Lake Country Family Fun💗
          • Start here: our MOMS GROUPS AND PLAY GROUPS GUIDE to the Waukesha County area for mom groups is a list compiled of 30+ community, church, and library play groups. Look over the list HERE, and know that many of the groups are continuing to meet virtually.
          • Do you have a village of moms/friends/family that you can count on? We posed this question to our Facebook page recently and love the answers coming through from both people seeking a village and those that are so grateful for their village. It’s our goal for everyone to feel connected and a part of a village that fits their lifestyle. 
          • Our Lake Country Family Fun Community Facebook Group is more active than ever. Please drop in any questions, ideas, comments,  or support. Have an idea for a blog post that would resonate with parents in the greater Waukesha County area? We are taking in contributors! 
          • Watch our virtual playdates! We hope you enjoyed them!



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