Waukesha County Children Need You – Two Days Left to Donate!

Lake Country Family Fun owner, Erin, wanted to facilitate a charitable drive this Holiday Season.  When selecting the drive, her main criteria was that it benefited the LOCAL area.  In addition, she wanted the charity to help children. So, when she came across Waukesha Christmas Clearing Council, or WCCC, it was a perfect fit! Since there are only TWO DAYS left to donate, we wanted to provide a brief rundown on the charity and who it benefits specifically:

Who is the Waukesha Christmas Clearing Council (WCCC)?

  • The WCCC has operated for 67 years since 1949!
  • They operate seasonally to serve needy children during the Holiday season.
  • More than 50 volunteers staff their office.
  • You can call them at 262 896 3390 for more information.

What is being collected?

  • Toys (new, unwrapped)
  • Waterproof Mittens
  • Books & Puzzles

Who do these items benefit?

  • There are 4,200 youth from Waukesha County in the program.
    • Out of these 4,200 youth, 2,700 were ‘matched’ this year with a sponsor for their Christmas gift wish list.
    • That leaves 1,500 unmatched.
  • So what happens for these unmatched children?
    • The WCCC puts on toy drives in the local area (what Lake Country Family Fun is doing). Items from the drives are then combined into the annual Toy Shop event where parents of these 1,500 children are invited to come pick out items for their children.

How does the Toy Shop Work?

  • The Toy Shop takes place December 16-18th this year.
  • It takes 800 volunteers to put on!
  • The parents are invited to come pick out several toys, one puzzle, one book, one hat and one pair of mittens for each child (about $60 total of gifts).
  • The feature image for this article is an example of the Toy Shop from 2013.

What families qualify to be in the program?

  • Families must live in Waukesha County.
  • Their children must go to school in Waukesha County.
  • Their family income must meet the Federal Guidelines for free and reduced lunch.
  • Each family has to have a local agency sign the application and submit to WCCC.

Who are the families that qualify?

  • Without getting into specifics, these families qualify for the program for a variety of reasons.  A few examples include:
    • Medical situations
    • Under-employment
    • Loss of a job
    • Loss of a spouse

What can I do to help?

Today, I am taking my two boys to Target. I’m going to have them pick out one toy each to donate and I will grab a couple pair of mittens and some books. From Target, we will cross the street and walk inside the Endurance House (one of the drop-off locations for the drive). I’ll have the boys put the items in the bin. I am not sure how that will go (ha), but I know it will be a tangible learning experience about giving.

The drop-off locations are listed below:

Flabbergast in Sussex
Silly Willyz in Pewaukee
Mama D’s Coffee in Wales and Waukesha
Endurance House in Delafield
Snips and Giggles in Oconomowoc
The Purple Giraffe in Oconomowoc
Remember, Lake Country Family Fun will be collecting the bins on December 14th, so get out and donate today!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lake Country, for helping us out with our Toy, Mitten & Book drive this year! We are happy to partner with you, the local community and the Waukesha Christmas Clearing Council to provide for children in Waukesha County. You can find more details of the drive here and if any of the participating businesses are running specials for dropping toys/books/mittens off at their location!