Silly Willyz Toy Review

My kids and I had the pleasure of doing a toy review with Silly Willyz Toy Store in Pewaukee this past week.  After enjoying their fun filled storytime, Ms. Jackie sent us home with a bag full of goodies: Swish Jr., Kitchen Chemistry kit and Make Your Own Wind Up Toy.

The first toy the kids chose to open up….the Make Your Own Wind Up Toy.  These adorable kits come with wind up feet, molding clay, stickers and other various accessories (depending on the animal) .  My son made the dinosaur, and my daughter worked on the owl family.  These kits state ages 6+, which is definitely appropriate with adult assistance.  Once the toys were assembled, they had to dry overnight (which was the hardest part for the kids).  We tested them the following day…..success!  These would make for a great gift or stocking stuffer.  Kid and mom approved. 🙂



wind up 2wind up 1The next toy we tackled was the Kitchen Chemistry Kit.  This was a perfect fit for our homeschooling family.  I was able to tie it into a morning of science fun!  The kit included test tubes, wooden spatulas, petrie dish, measuring cup, pH strips and more!  We tried out the handful of experiments from the booklet….all of them perfectly age appropriate for my 5 and 6 year old to handle.  We had LOTS of fun with this one!  All of the solutions are made with simple kitchen ingredients you probably have on hand already (vinegar, water, baking soda, sugar). Reasonably priced, highly recommend!!

kitchen science 2kitchen science
















Have you ever played Swish?  Well Silly Willyz has Swish Jr.   This game comes in a unique package, clear cards and appealing to kids.  Also, it includes a drawstring case to hold the cards(love this), which will make for a fun take along game.  The kids and I played a few rounds of Swish Jr., back to back.  The goal of  Swish Jr. is match the cards with solid shapes, with their outlined pair.  While I will admit they thoroughly enjoyed the game, it may be a better option for younger children.

swish jr

If you have yet to visit Silly Willyz, stop in to their Grand Opening Celebration this Saturday!  There will be balloons, face painting, demonstrations, giveaways and TOYS!  Silly Willyz has a great variety of wooden toys, classics you may recognize, costumes, games, craft kits and more.

Visit their website for more info:

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