September 11th

I am turning off social media (gasp, I know), turning off the news, and only listening to streaming music today.  Why?  Because I still am numb about 9-11 and choose to not dwell on it, I already lived it once, and I am I not wanting to live it over, and over and over again.  Why am I so numb?  I lived it.  Yes, lived it.  I was lived in close proximity to Washington, DC (23 miles due East as the Crow Flies) and even closer proximity to Annapolis, Maryland.  So, now you are questioning how I lived it?  Everything was SHUT DOWN.  No mass transit, the streets were quiet, our phones wouldn’t work.  I lived it.   I lived it by being in Annapolis, MD within the triangle of the events with DC to the south (with friends working there), PA to the Northwest, and NYC to Northeast. Scared to leave the house, to go to work, thinking a plane could still be headed my way.  Worried about my brother at West Point, my friends at the Naval Academy that they could be a prime target.   For those of you who don’t know what the importance of the Naval Academy (USNA)  and West Point (USMA)  has within the context, USNA and USMA are where our nations military leaders are crafted, educated and trained.  I felt at those moments, not knowing what will happen next, if there were more planes heading towards the future of the military.  I NEVER want to relive that day again, and unfortunately to shelter myself and my little people, it will be a simple day.  A simple day full of laughter, kitchen dance parties, playing at the park and teaching my kids to  live for the day and smother them with love and kisses.  I hope they never have to feel like I did that day, which is unlikely because of the state of the world. So I choose to LOVE today.

I know it was felt  here in Wisconsin, I am not trying to discount that.  Everyone knows someone that was as close as I was if not even closer.  There is a kinship for those of us that were in the DC area, Pennsylvania, and in New York and New Jersey.

So love a little more today, hug a little tighter, and kiss a few more cheeks.

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