Pop Chef- Making our snack time fun!

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It has been cold up here in Wisconsin to say the least.  The kids actually had school cancelled due to cold weather (which I have never seen happen since I have lived here) for windchill down to -45 degrees.  It was crazy cold, so we had to find ways to keep ourselves entertained, with 4 kids this Mom after two days was running out of ideas.  I had been given a Pop Chef to review and off to make snacks we went!

review 2

I of course did the heavy lifting before we got started, we had summer sausage and cheese (I mean we live in Wisconsin right?) so I sliced them in to the correct sizes to work with the die cuts shapes that came in the package.  We had all sorts of options, which the kids loved.

pop chef sub-product

It was so easy for us all to use, all we needed was a flat surface and we were off creating.  We kept it simple because quite frankly, keeping a snack on the table around children is nearly impossible.review 3

We initially just were cutting the same stars out of the sausage, and then the cheese, then I came up with the idea of combining the two and we created these gems!  Aren’t they adorable?Review1

We were all so excited with how these turned out!  The boys have been at me forever to buy a Pop Chef, they always see the commercial and they think it is just about the coolest thing they have ever seen.  I love the versatility of this product, I can make anything from it from sandwiches, snacks, cut your fruit fancy, it is a blast.

I know we will be using the Pop Chef over and over again!  The kids are already thinking up the next things they can create next.  Pop Review Collage