Mama Said Tees – The Company that Can

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Who doesn’t love a great graphic tee? While there are many options out there, some with fun phrases, some with sassy words;  we at Lake Country Family Fun, love a small, local business that is set to change the world and spread kindness, one super soft tee at a time! With roots in Hartland and Pewaukee, Mama Said Tees fits the bill!

Colleen B and Colleen S

What is Mama Said Tees?

Mama Said Tees is a company run by 2 mamas on a mission to change the world. They started their company to instill messages of love & kindness to their children at a time when the world was not so nice. Just 5 days after launching Mama Said Tees, Colleen Stine’s sister was killed in a murder/suicide leaving Colleen’s two nephews without parents. This unthinkable tragedy turned their want to change the world into a NEED to change the world. Every day there are opportunities to be kind and change the world for someone, and Colleen & Colleen are helping create and nurture those opportunities.
This little model, sporting the normal tee, is right here from Oconomowoc.

How can I join in their effort to spread kindness?

Well, Colleen and Colleen don’t just sell shirts & apparel with messages on them, they also encourage people to live a kind lifestyle through their campaigns like The Kindness Boomerang and Let’s Redefine Normal.

Tell me more about these campaigns…

The Kindness Boomerang: Colleen and Colleen say, if we want more kindness in the world, we need to put it there! Every package that you order from them will contain a Kindness Boomerang challenge! If you receive a challenge, you need to please perform the act according to the rules listed. However, note that ANYONE and EVERYONE can complete The Kindness Boomerang Challenge with ANY act of kindness ANYTIME! 🙂


Let’s Redefine Normal: Colleen and Colleen invite you to imagine a world without stereotypes. Their goal is for everyone to accept themselves wholly, inside and out, thus accepting others for their differences, too. They encourage parents to talk to their children about the word and what it means and help them to understand that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. They hope that everyone can learn to embrace ALL of the qualities that make people who they are.  Everyone is different. Different is normal. Everyone is normal. For more information on this campaign, click here to watch their video.

This Mama model, sporting the normal tee, is right here from Oconomowoc.

The T.H.I.N.K Dare: Colleen and Colleen want you to imagine that there is a video camera on your shoulder, filming everything you do and everything you say. Would you pause… and maybe do things a little bit differently?  They have a feeling that people would be a little bit more thoughtful, a little bit less judgmental, and a lot kinder to everyone. Everyone can make a difference. All you have to do is THINK:  Is what I am saying or doing True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Is Mama Said Tees only tees?

No! They sell a back to school set, totes, mugsprints, and gifts cards for the perfect gift!

Where can I find out more?

You can visit their online shop, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Mama Said Tees purchases make great gifts for others as Christmas is coming up or for your random act of kindness boomerang!