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Highlights from the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market

Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market gives you the opportunity to shop locally and seasonally while connecting with the makers, growers, and producers in our community. It is also a fun winter outing if you are looking to get out and try something new in the community. I had not been previously but had to see what it was about. Here are some highlights from my recent trip:

  • Deliciousness: I suggest going there on an empty stomach and tasting the hot food options available. They had a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods ranging from empanadas and tamales to BBQ. While there, I had some empanadas and purchased tamales which I froze and we had as a family later. Yum! Make sure you save room for dessert! Cupcakes, kettle corn, and other sweets are available too.
  • Beauty: Anyone else’s hands get super dry from the winter weather? Not to mention all the handwashing during this crazy flu season! This is your place to find locally made and lovely smelling skin care and beauty products.Oconomowoc Farmers Market 2
  • Local Meat:  I purchased ground beef from Fer-Li Meats and Sausage LLC farms. There are also farm fresh eggs available for purchase. The benefit to purchasing these products from a local farmers market is that you are able to learn from the farmer how to best store and use the product. I also feel that building a connection with those who are responsible for your food helps to connect you to the food that is nourishing you and your family (cue The Lion King’s “Circle of Life.”)
  • Maple Syrup & Honey:These natural sweeteners are essential ingredients in my kitchen to replace processed sugar (like in these cookies). Cozy and warm drinks helps get me through the wintry days. Whether it’s honey in my tea or with some hot water and lemon.Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market
  • Seasonal Produce: Even in the middle of winter there were some fresh produce options available such as apples, cabbage, potatoes, and onions. Check out Inspired by the Seasons for ideas to cook seasonably in the middle of a Wisconsin winter.Oconomowoc Farmers Market 3

Bonus for Pet Lovers! There were various types of antlers for your pet to enjoy. The big box pet stores usually sell these but information about where they are from can be limited.

Check it out! Here are the details:  Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market

Check them out at their website or on Facebook.




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