Getting Ready for Spring: So Fresh and So Clean Lake Country Family Fun Spring Cleaning

Getting Ready for Spring: So Fresh and So Clean

Remember how last week I said that Mother Nature would throw all of our hopes of an early Spring right back in our faces? Well, I did what I always do and hopped right into my flip-flops…and here we are with another stretch of cold weather. Should have known better right? I’ll never learn.

The good news?

Now is the time to get a head start on your spring-cleaning. We are cooped up in our homes for a little more time, so why not take advantage and get ahead of the curve. I decided to put together a few ideas for cleaning out the dreaded closet (shoes too!), and plan on taking a load to donate soon.

If you’re like me, you have a closet filled with items – some fit, some are too tight, some are sentimental and some you are holding on to because you just might find a reason to wear it again to a baby shower, or a theme party (you get the idea). Or, if you’re even more of my twin, you have “the chair” which is really where your everyday wardrobe lives. Those are the pieces that never quite make it back into the drawer or get hung up because you wear them over and over again.

Where do you start, you ask?

I always tackle the hanging clothes first. I have a tried and true way of deciding what goes and what stays.

  • If I haven’t worn it in over a year – it goes. (See below for exceptions)
  • If there is visible dust on the shoulders – it goes. Yes, this is gross – but it’s true.
  • If it is damaged – it goes.
  • If it has stayed for multiple rounds of cleaning because I swear I’m going to lose those 10 lbs – it needs to go.

I make exceptions for dresses – hey sometimes you just don’t have enough events for all the dresses. I also make exceptions for expensive business clothing. I rarely wear anything more than business casual for work, so my suits and skirts don’t get a ton of wear. My rule of thumb is if it’s still in great condition and fits, investment pieces are worth keeping.

I always make two piles: Trash and Donate. Trash = damaged, visibly worn, or old beyond saving. Donate = Gently worn, still fashionable and something that someone else might love. Did you guys see Erin’s post from this week about Divine Consign? This event is coming at the perfect time for our Spring-cleaning clothing donations! (And of course to re-stock your empty hangers!)

Once you’ve tackled your hanging clothes – move on to the dresser. I feel like mine is pretty much reserved for tank tops, undies and workout clothes. Sometimes those deep dark drawers hide pretty gross things. I try to be liberal with my trash pile from the dresser because lets be honest, you can only clean so much sweat out of those yoga pants. Same rules apply here: how old is it? Is it damaged? Toss!

Last up – shoes. This one is hard for many women, as your feet rarely betray you with weight gain. My only rules here:

  • If a shoe is damaged and can’t be fixed – toss.
  • If they hurt to wear – donate (Sometimes it happens – you try them on in the store and they’re just right, but once you try and wear them out in real-life, they eat your heels)
  • If you haven’t worn them in years – donate

Okay, now that you’ve purged and I’m sure feel a ton better, I want to talk a little about how to freshen your wardrobe for spring. (This is the really fun part!)

Spring Cleaning So Fresh So clean
Martha’s Spring Staples
  1. Replace everyday pieces: for me this includes tank tops I wear under everything (my go-tos are here, and here), undergarments – for obvious reasons, and socks (after a long winter of boots, I am usually sporting some pretty sad looking holes, so those definitely make the list)
  2. Slouchy, comfy t-shirts – great for layering and typically inexpensive, these are leisure wear at its finest! I love Target and H&M for shirts like this.
  3. A baseball t-shirt – I got this one during the Nordstrom Winter sale and I’ve been living in it for a week already. Great for a casual weekend of running errands and you can easily roll up the sleeves for blowing bubbles and playing outside with your littles.
  4. A kimono or two – love these lightweight-layering pieces. They go with everything from shorts to jeans and dresses. Perfection!
  5. Athleisure-wear – Gimme all the leggings and athletic sweatshirts. If you’re multi-tasking, this stuff is where it’s at. From a quick workout, to a walk with your family or lounging around the house.
  6. Puffy Vest – Perfect for those in-between weather days (and cute too!)
  7. Military Jacket – these are so on trend right now and you can find them at all price points! Perfect for layering!
  8. Ballet flats – I love these because they looked pulled together but they’re still comfortable and most of all easy to walk (or chase) in!
  9. A few pretty things – I love floral and flirty fabrics in springtime! So weather it’s jewelry, a scarf or a dress – go for it!
  10. A cold-shoulder top – this trend is still here and I love it!

I’m so excited to purge and start collecting a few items for my spring wardrobe. Last year at this time I was hugely pregnant so it’s been a loooong time since I’ve refreshed that section of my closet. What are your go-to pieces and do you have any tips I missed for the big closet clean?


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