Sneak Peek at The Children’s Play Gallery

Mom and Dad, it is time to rejoice!  The Children’s Play Gallery will be opening soon in Downtown Oconomowoc!  I had the joy of being able to sneak a peak into the building during this last phase of construction.  Lets put it this way, I kept smiling, and saying “Oh, that is great! I can’t wait to bring the kids! I am a happy Mom to see this!”  I know you will be excited to see the space when it opens in June!  The walls are up and being finished and the beautiful brick building is getting the finishing touches.

****I just saw the opening date will be JUNE 9th!!!  I can’t wait for this great addition to Oconomowoc to open! ****

Large Sign gallery

Maybe you don’t know exactly what The Children’s Play Gallery is.  Well, it is amazing.  It is a space filled with items that facilitate imaginative play.  The business is under new ownership, and everything from the old space in Delafield has been refurbished prior to being placed in the new Downtown Oconomowoc location.  Many of the original features remain, but a splash of new is a wonderful addition to the experience.

Imagine sailing Fowler Lake in a pirate ship, sounds lovely doesn’t it?  The pirate ship will be back and a grand focal point of the space.

Pirate Ship, The Children's Play Gallery Oconomowoc, Lake Country Family Fun
This will be will where the pirate ship will reside in Oconomowoc at The Children’s Play Gallery.

In my tour of the space I was excited to see architectural details from the buildings past still playing part with the feel of the space.

Oconomowoc The Children's Play Gallery

The natural light floods in through the multiple windows with stunning views of Fowler Lake.

Beautiful view of Fowler Lake.
Beautiful view of Fowler Lake.

The space will feel familiar, but new at the same time.  I loved that when walking through the space that the concept on the lower level was open and I found that I could see most areas of the gallery, this as a Mom of 4 kids who all have different personalities was a huge plus.  I could stay with Sigi and let the boys roam and still keep an eye on everyone, genius!  There will still be an infant play area, a market place, of course the pirate ship, art space, the grand stage for the dramatic child, construction zone and trains!  I am so glad to see all of those fun stations, but what I really was excited about was that the space is going to be ADA accessible.  So what that means is that if you are on wheels, your child is in a stroller or wheelchair or you can’t walk the stairs there is a elevator waiting to bring you upstairs.  I am so excited about this because every child is given the opportunity to play as kids should.

The elevator shaft!
The elevator shaft!

The fun continues upstairs where you are welcome to bring your own lunch and eat while enjoying your time playing and enjoying the view.  Also housed upstairs is more play space, and an area for birthdays or what every reason you have to celebrate.

This will be the party space!
This will be the party space!

The color was going on the walls and the floors were being prepped for the flooring to go down and I can say with certainty that the space will be gorgeous and full of energy with all the little people running around.  I will be there when it opens and through the weeks with the littlest kids and I am sure it will quickly become a favorite of theirs once the doors open.  The pricing will stay the same, it will be $10 per child for how ever long they choose to play though the day.  Which area will your children be most excited to play in?