Brewers Organics Delivered to Your Door!

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Oh My Goodness!  I have to tell you about the neatest thing I have come my way in a while, Brewers Organics.  This family run business has saved me so much time and given my children excitement over produce.  Yes, I said it.  My kids were excited about produce.  So by supporting Brewers Organics it actually hits a lot of my mental check marks for shopping, small business, family owned, and local.  Love that!

brewers organic logo

The produce that fills your box is seasonal and certified organic of course!

From their website-

Brewers Organics is the premier organic produce delivery service based out of Milwaukee. We currently serve Southeast Wisconsin, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, and the Fox Cities, but we continue to grow and add new communities. We believe in connecting families with good, organic fruits and veggies and believe there should be an option to ‘conventional’ chemical covered produce.

There are different sizes and variations of the boxes:


Small families, produce-conscious couples, or anyone who finds this nice happy-medium.


Lots of produce in this one! Great for families or couples who are vegetarian.

Fresh Fruit-

This box will satisfy all your fruity desires.

Vegetable Fresh-

Perfect for the veggie lover.


Brewers Organic Lake Country Family Fun
To give you an idea of what we received in our Large box.


What you see in our Large box is a bunch of bananas, a lime, oranges, peaches, plums, a mango, cucumber, tomatoes, golden beets, a head of cabbage, a bunch of green onions, blueberries, carrots, radishes, celery, two heads of lettuce, green peppers, and swiss chard.

The kids and I loved looking up new recipes for the produce that we weren’t as familiar with, I am talking about you swiss chard.

The delivery process was so simple, all I had to do was make sure I left a cooler on my front porch and I checked it when I got home and boom, fresh produce for my family.  I love simple and easy.  My life is busy and chaotic as it is, so simple and easy is so wonderful when it comes my way!